Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MSU Football, NWCC Football and Thanksgiving 2016

It's EARLY!!! We are having to make way to many 11:00 o'clock ball games this year, but we are faithful fans, so off we go. 
 We picked up Anna Lauren on the way to Starkville and the girls had so much fun on campus. 

 What a game!! Because the season has been so awful, we kinda expected to be gone by halftime. Texas A&M was ranked #4 in the country, so we were the underdog. LOOK OUT!!! The DAWGS came out and we WON! It was such a great game. Lilly made it through her first full game because no one would leave to take her to the tent, HA!! 
 It's become a tradition to stop in at the hotel for a "bathroom break" as we get into Starkville, with the hopes of catching a glimpse of some of the players. :) We might not see any players, but we do get a pic sitting on top of Bully every time. 
 The last home game of the year was finally a little chilly and it was at NIGHT!! We lost, but we still had a great time. Our friend, Mike Watson, came down from Arkansas and got to experience his first SEC game. 
 We love Uncle Andy! So very glad that he was able to finally join us for a football game this year. 
 DONALD GRAY!!! Our favorite player! So happy that we ended up getting to see him so much this season! 
 What a treat! Three of the NWCC football players came to read and visit with Walt's 4k class! He was so excited to have them come.
 He thinks that they are his best buddies. 
 Thank you Alex, David and JR for coming to read to Walt's 4k class at MHS! 
 YAY!!! Aunt My and Stephen are getting married. He proposed to her on her birthday, November 12 and they are getting married on December 31. 
 We are so happy that Aunt My is getting married and that Stephen is becoming a part of the family! God is GOOD and we are so blessed. 
 Thank you, Aunt My for taking Lilly and Adelaide to their zoo field trip. They had so much fun, 
 Shopping with these girls is fun!! 
 Walt's 4k Fest was a huge success! 
 The turkey, thanks to Gammy, was the HIT of the party. They loved seeing that bird in the middle of the table, watching it get carved and then eating it. 
 Walt and Addison, cute little pilgrim and indian, cooking some pudding. 
 My little Indian with his fruit kabob.....
 Walt and the rest of his crew loved peeling the carrots and the potatoes. 
 We had such a good time together! He LOVED the fact that I was "in charge" of his party. It made his day. He is so different than Lilly in that respect. It makes him so happy to have me be in charge or come to his events. 
 He HAD to get his picture taken with Mr. Turkey!! 
We had so much to be thankful for this Holiday Season. Praising God from whom ALL blessings flow. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pumpkin Patches and Halloween 2016

Even though the temperatures have been in the 90's, we have made the most of our fall. It has been full of pumpkin patches and Halloween Fun. 
Uncle Tom has a pumpkin patch in Tunica, so we took a trip and found some great pumpkins, some as big as the kiddos. :) 

Taylor McCain, found herself a WHOPPER pumpkin!!! 
Sweet Caroline and Lilly on the hayride heading to the pumpkin patch! 
Walt and Steven Wait had a great time picking out their pumpkin at Cedar Hill Farms. 
Sweet buddies, Walt and Steven Wait on the Pirate ship and walking through the Corn Maize! 

My big guy and me on the hayride on his class field trip to Cedar Hill Farm. 
Walt and Eli...buddies! 
Our first round of Halloween was at the church....Trunk or Treat. My Snow Queen, Captain America and Red Power Ranger had a great time. 

Lilly with sweet Anna Hudson, as the dippin dot!! How PRECIOUS! 
These two guys are ready to SAVE THE WORLD! Martin and Walt are Captain America. I would most definitely put saving the world in their hands! :) 
Round 2 of Halloween was at the McCain's Halloween Party. What a fun time both of mine had playing, trick or treating and enjoying a hay ride! 
A Snow Queen, Ballerina and a Penguin having fun at the McCain's Halloween Party! 
Round 3: Walt's 4k Halloween Party. 
A room full of super heroes....Captain America, Cat Woman (Claire) and a Transformer (Lucas) 
My Snow Queen
If one is wondering what it takes to being a Snow Queen, well, here ya go....First, Aunt LaLa has to come over with hair extensions and then put the hair extensions in.....then you must have a make over. 
A look at the finished hair product, she is so proud. 
Round 4: Halloween Night.....golf cart trick or treating around the Country Club, with our friends. 
Lilly, Walt and Will
Luke, Walt and Will
Lilly, the Snow Queen, with her Halloween Candy 
The crew....you never know what you are going to get with these kiddos!! 
Lilly, Walt, Foster, Will and Fisher
I love them all so very much. 
Snow Queen to Captain America: I take care of all the animals in the Arctic, I play ice hokey, and I can make ice castles 
Captain America's response: Well, I am Captain America and I save the world!!! 
Happy Halloween 2016 

Answered Prayers, Luke Bryan & MSU Football

That my glory may sing your praises and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever! Psalm 30:12 

We are singing praises and giving GLORY to God for this gift of a baby boy. I can't explain how thankful I am for this baby that we have all been praying for. My brother, Tom and sister in law, Laura have been trying to have a baby for 7+ years. My sweet Lilly has prayed every single night for years for Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa to have a baby, and it was amazing watching her prayers be answered. 

As you can tell from the pictures, a baby boy will be here in April. His name will be Sterling Thompson Withers, Jr. and we will call him Thompson. 

Lilly never said one way or the other if she wanted a girl or a boy. When it was clear that a boy was coming, she got a little upset. Bless her heart she said, "I didn't realize I wanted a girl so bad, until it was a boy!" 
The happy parents! 
She is warming up to the idea.....
Walt and Uncle Tom and are SUPER excited about another boy in the family! 
My sweet family, I am so blessed. 
My sweet Lilly was up the next morning drawing and coloring a sign to put on her backpack. After a good night's sleep she is all about a new baby BOY cousin. 
MSU football is always fun, no matter the score. The score has not been in our favor much this season, but we love our dawgs and always manage to have a great time.  
Olivia Kate, Aubrey Claire and Lilly having fun at the MSU vs Auburn game. 
Hastings with his two biggest fans, Walt and Will, heading to the stadium.  
Walt, Hastings and Will in DWS.
I love being in the stadium with my kiddos. My girl loves her bulldogs. 
We were so lucky to have our Houston come visit us. He was my very first baby and he rarely comes to see me. So, when he does we have to document. :) 
We love our Stephanie!! 
Thanks Mari Alex and Emily for coming to visit. We love ya'll. 
I found this in Lilly's backpack and thought it was too sweet and funny. 
Brian and I went to the Luke Bryan concert on some random Wednesday night and look who I ran into?? My best buddy, who I would NEVER expect to see at a country music concert! We had a great time together. I do love my Brigham! 
I love any time that I get to spend with these amazing friends, Kristen and Paige mean the world to me. This night was good for my tired soul. 
We love our RANGERS!! KT is our favorite Ranger. He has become very special to the Atwood family. The Rangers are doing great this season, with only one loss. They play for the state championship this week against East Mississippi. Walt loves KT and when he intercepted the ball the other night we were all so very proud. 
Lucas and Walt at the Ranger football game!
Big Sissy and Little Sissy hanging out at the MSU tent! 
Walt and Evan doing what they do best...playing football at the tent. 
A perk of being a MSU bulldog is getting to see your 4k teacher every weekend. 
How cool is it that your teacher goes to all of the MSU football games and you get to hang out with her? Walt thinks it's the coolest! 
Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!!! It's Donald Gray!!! We ran into Donald Gray at the hotel before the game. What are the chances? And THEN....we were at the Dawg Walk and when he saw Walt he picked him up and hugged him. It was awesome!! 
Lilly made a sign for Walt to hold up at at the ball game. He made his sister so proud by using it at the ball game! 
My sweet family all dressed in Maroon!!! It might be our last time to wear it to church after a win....because we might not win another game. :( 
My sweet bulldog kiddos!! 
Praise God, Happy Fall and Hail State!