Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baby Thompson is HERE and Walt's 4k Program

FINALLY after many years and many prayers, lifted up to Heaven the day had finally come for baby Thompson to be born. Of course things never happen when you want them too, when you are waiting on a baby to be born. To pass the time we went to eat and the Commissary and Lilly made bonnets and head pieces out of the napkins. It was freezing in there and she was making the best of it. 

 We had to leave that night but he finally made his arrival a little before midnight on April 27, 2017. He weighed 9lbs and 7oz ! We are in love with this chunk of love!! 

 I am really not sure what Walt was expecting when we got to the hospital to meet Thompson for the first time, but he really didn't want much to do with him. He wouldn't even get close and this is the best picture I could get of all three of them. 
 Lilly and Uncle Tom are just super happy campers! 
 Lilly wanted desperately to bring her best buddy Anna Lauren to the hospital to meet her cousin. Anna Lauren loves babies, so she was more than ready to go for a visit. 

 I can't believe the year has come and gone. My baby is growing up and he had a wonderful year in 4k. He learned so much and has shown me this year what a smart little boy he is. I have seen just how different my children are this year and I love them both so much. Walt had to dress as a fisherman and he had to recite a nursery rhyme that was the longest of them all. I had my doubts, but he did it and he did it WELL! 
 He got to walk in with his buddy, Maddox, who was Georgie Porgie! 

 His sweet teachers, Ms Beverly and Miss Kristy giving him his certificate! 
 Walt and Nash happy to be heading to 5k!! 
 What a surprise!!! Riley made it to 4k graduation! I said "Walt, guess who is here?" He said, "who?" I said, "Riley!" He said, "Riley the pitcher for the bulldogs?" He was so excited. Riley has a niece in Walt's class, Blakely, so he shows up from time to time at these events and these Bulldog lovin' boys are over the moon when he does! 
 Thanks, Riley Self, for making this little boy one happy camper!! 
 We love baseball, obviously and we love watching the people we love play the game! What a fun afternoon cheering on the Titans baseball team and watching them win the tournament. Way to go Hastings and Will. 
Lilly, Walt and Will with Hastings after the big win
 Walt loves the trophy 
 Walt and Will Howell with the big trophy and the individual trophy. 
 Every win must be celebrated with a great meal!
Spring time is moving fast and we are moving with it!! 
Blessings to you all! 
The Atwood's 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017 and Ballin'

Easter weekend was such a special time! I had both of the kids class parties at our house. It was chaotic, but it was fun and the kids love being able to have their friends come over. Lilly and Caroline always have so much fun together. They are posing and cheesing all of the time. 

 My sweet girl and my sweet God son, Jake! 
 The church Easter Egg Hunt is always a hit. 
 Lilly and her sweet friend, Jackson. 
 Walt had a great time hunting eggs at the church this year. 
 Walt loves Colt! 
 Walt and Paxton! 
 Walt man was super proud of his bucket of eggs! 
 Me with my Easter blessings after church. 
 Happy Easter! 
 PopPop and Grandma Shirley visited Easter weekend. Lilly loves her Grandma Shirley! 
 Crawfish Alley was cold and wet this was hard to totally embrace it because we were so cold and wet, but that didn't stop us from taking our annual picture with Uncle Tom. Next year, Thompson will be in the picture! 
 We brought some friends with us to the alley this year...Caroline, Anna Lauren and Will Prince were able to experience Crawfish Alley this year. 
 We are still playing ball every night. Lilly and Anna Lauren aren't on the same team this year, but they are so sweet to each other at the plate. I love these sweet girls!  
 Look at these precious kiddos "cousins" as Lilly and AK like to say. They are all here but Walt and Parker. Buck, Lilian, Rae, Lilly, Andi Kate and Leland! 
 I am so thankful for young men like, Harrison, who come to a Little League field to watch this little guy. It's the little things that mean the world to him. He is STILL talking about Harrison coming to his game! 
 My family on Easter Day.....
He is not here, He is risen, INDEED! 
Praise the Lord that my God did not stay in the grave but that He did, as he promised, and went to prepare a place for all that believe in HIM will not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE! 
The Atwood Family

Women's Final Four, Walt is 5, 4k Zoo Trip

As you can tell by previous posts our Lady Dawgs have been a force to be reckoned with this season. After a game winning shot in overtime to beat Baylor, my girls, Maggie and Missy were calling me up to head to Dallas. It was so spur of the moment and so much fun. Dak had tweeted that we must all come to Dallas and paint the town maroon, so we obeyed and to Dallas we went. I made some signs and Maggie and Missy were so impressed! They LOVED my yellow file folder idea! :) 

LOVED LOVED LOVED every single minute with these girls. It was the best get away....cheering on my MSU bulldogs, catching up with friends that I haven't seen in years and just having some much needed me time!! 
We stayed at the hotel where the team was and that was so much fun....we attended a pep rally before we went to play UCONN. We didn't have tickets so we had to start the process of finding them. We were able to pay $100 for nose bleed seats....Sanford lost and we were able to snag some seats on the floor when there fans started to leave. God was shining down on us. We couldn't have asked for better seats.....those seats were going for about $300 a ticket. 
Our sign was on the big screen and DAK saw it and waved to us!! 
Oh my GOODNESS! Oh my GOODNESS!!! We won! We BEAT UCONN! They have won 111 straight basketball games. They lost to a buzzer beating shot by Morgan "IttyBitty" William. It was AH-MAZING....I can't put into words how incredible it was to be there for this. 
We went to Tourney Town to visit the team and we saw the National Championship trophy. I sure wold love our dawgs to win a National Championship one day. 
Well, HELLO Tiara McCowan, she is taking a selfie with us! Yes, she is that tall! Love her! 
Our Amazing coach----Praise the Lord and Go Dawgs! 
I LOVED this sign that this kid was carrying around at the stadium after we beat UCONN! 
I sure do love running into fun bulldog family friends in Dallas! Austin and Sherilyn Jones are precious to my mom and daddy and it was so much fun cheering on the Lady Dawgs with them. 
Oh, Hey, Fred Ross!!! So great to see you are the Women's Final Four NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game!!! sad! As you can see, my husband and kiddos were at home watching the game and this is the picture I got after the game. South Carolina broke our hearts. They beat us....and we were sad, BUT WE BEAT UCONN!!! People will never forget that!!! 
My little man turned 5 on April 11. We took 3 of his friends to an MSU baseball game. He was so excited about his birthday. His buddy, Maddox turned 6 so we had their party together! 
These two sweet sisters love their brothers and are such good sports. 
If these boys don't look like trouble, but I love each one of them so very much! 
Walt and Maddox's awesome cake! 

Walt's second time to let Bully hold him. I am so so so glad that we went to that basketball game and shoved him into Bully's arms. This picture would not have happened if we didn't do that. I love this pic of Walt and Bully! 
My LOVES....with Bully! 
Walt's buddy, Evan, came from Jackson to the party. Walt sure does miss his buddy. We can't until football season to see him more. 
These boys were on the field and got to high five all the players and Spencer Price game them baseballs signed by all of the players. They are in Heaven! 
Bully came and got them and they went to the pitcher's mound and were wished a happy birthday. They made the big video screen!! 
April has proven to be our busiest month yet....4k field trip to the zoo! I love his sweet little class. 
The senior class came with us, so of course we had to pose with his favorites, Emma and Emily! 
I sure do love these sweet friends, Maddox, Walt and Fisher, are such precious boys. I am excited about spending many more years with them. 
Walt and Maddox riding the camel. 
Me and my sweet Walt man! 
Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt