Friday, November 10, 2017

Cedar Hill, Halloween 2017, MSU Football & Aftershock

It was my last field trip to Cedar Hill Farm. I have been going every year for 8 years. This little guy loves for his mama to go with him on field trips. We had such a great time. 

 Walt on the pony....I remember putting him on this pony and him SCREAMING to get off! 
 Walt with his best buddies...Fisher, Hunter, Kaysen, Mason and Aiden. 
 Fun times on the train ride! 
 He loves the Pirate Ship and actually came to get me and said he wanted me to take his picture "like this" :) 
 Happy Halloween....we have dressed up more times this Halloween than ever before. What happened to dressing up Halloween night for a couple of hours and calling it a day! By November 1, my kids would have dressed up 5 times in their Halloween costume. 
 The McCains have a great Halloween party! Will is Willie from Duck Dynasty, Lilly is Uma -Ursala's daughter from Descendents 2 and Walt is a werewolf. 
 Lilly trick or treating at the town's party with her friends Olivia and Lawson. 
 We are all loaded up on the bus and ready for the HAUNTED BUS RIDE!!! 
 Lilly as Uma and Caroline the Christmas Elf. 
 Halloween Parties at Mini-Mag are just fun. 
 Walt had fun making his buddy, Mason a mummy! 
 Walt loved being a mummy! He liked busting out of it better! 
 Well....we like to dress up ALOT at MHS. This week we dressed up for St. Jude! We brought all our change and prayed for children that are suffering from cancer. It warms my heart to see my kids get into raising money for such a wonderful cause! Lilly dressed as a vet for career day and Walt had crazy hair day and demanded his hard be in a mohawk. 
 Lilly dressed as Mrs. Rachel for "dress as your fave teacher day" She said "Mama, call Sidney! Tell her I need a Be Kind shirt, because Mrs. Rachel wears it every other day!" HAHAHAHA! 
 My little Aftershock girls! I just love it when they huddle up on their own during a ball game! 
 Lilly and Caroline just chilling in between ball games. 
 Finally some hardware. We brought home some in our first tournament and our last for the fall season. This time we came in 2nd place!
 My little catcher with her trophies. 
 Brian and Walt had a great time at the MSU vs Kentucky game, while Lilly and I played softball all day long! 
 Lilly and Anna Lauren heading to our seats to watch the MSU vs BYU game! 
 Watching some football with my girls! 
 They think they need to be as comfortable as possible. They don't do well, at a packed house! :) 
 Walt and Willie Gay! 
 Walt man was chilling with Hastings' hat on! 
 Donald Gray and Walt just hanging out talking after the game! 
 The boys and Donald Gray! 
 Lilly and Anna Lauren posing on the SAE Lion! 
What a fun month October has been! Busy making memories with my family and friends! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Aftershock, 1st MSU Football Game, MHS Homecoming, Mandisa Concert and Star Student

Lilly has joined a travel softball team and she is loving it! Aftershock is the name and they won their first tournament in Houlka, MS. They won a bright shiny ring and she is super proud. 

 My little baller who is always in style with her lipstick.
 When they win a game they love to climb the fences! 
 /Aftershock loves a huddle....
 My little girl has such a wonderful fan base. Thanks Cooper and Ashlyn for coming to see Lilly play ball! We love you! 
 It's the first football game of the year and we are SOOOOOO EXCITED to see Donald Gray!! 
 It was so hot and we were looking for something cool to drink and we found Thompson's coke! 
 It's been such a long time since we saw Bully! We were so happy to see him! 
 Lilly and her daddy posing with that bling! :) 
 It's Homecoming Week at MHS and these kiddos are showing their spirit! It's Hawaiian Day. Walt insisted on wearing that on his head! He is so funny! 
 Super Hero Day....MHS Homecoming 2017
 We have University day covered! 
 Homecoming was HOT but fun with these kiddos!! 
 Love these two buddies! Walt and Eli are such sweet and funny friends! 
 Our little love bug Thompson 
 Our chunky monkey loves his bath time. 
 Walt was Star Student in 5k. We had so much fun making his poster. 
 He had the opportunity to have someone come read to the class. I asked him who he wanted and he says, "JB"!! It happened to be Fall Break for MSU and he was able to come. It was such a great day! 
 How much fun for these 5k kiddos to have a MSU baseball player come hang out with them! 
 My Star Student had such a great week. He finished the week off with a great lunch guest....Clayton brought him McDonalds and had lunch with him. 
 Lilly loves her little cousin!! 
 I love doing things with my best girl, but worshiping the Lord together has got to be at the top of the list! We had so much fun at the Mandisa/Danny Gokey/Jasmine Murray Concert! 
 Praising Jesus with some wonderful friends! 
 Caroline and Lilly loved meeting Jasmine....former Miss MSU and American Idol finalist! She is now singing for Jesus all over the country! 
 Happy Happy Birthday Aunt LaLa! We love you and are so very happy that you were born!