Monday, December 17, 2018

School Starts

August has been packed full. I am not sure how these pics got so out of order, but such is our life! HA! The kids started school....Walt 1st and Lilly 4th...time is flying by so fast. They are both very excited about their teachers. 

 Mr. Zabe/Chief gave them a ride to school on their first day. 
 Lilly had her first Pee Wee football game and Walt finally got his backpack in and got to wear his jersey! It was just a great Tuesday at the Atwood home! 
 Bid Day at MSU was a success we had so much fun with our girls. We saw Maggie at the ADPi house and then Emily at the Phi Mu house! 

 Lilly, Hayden and Piper got to experience all of Greek Life! 
 Sweet Lilly and Piper doing the PhiMu pose 
 Piper, Lilly and Hayden sporting that PhiMu sign 
 My sweet girls. Lilly was able to go get dressed with Emily and the other girls before bid day, so she was all pinked out when I saw her. I loved it! 
 Meeting on the hill! 
 Lilly and McKinley! Sweetness! 
 We have found some baby goats and Lilly is in love with them. We have been to see them twice and she can't get enough. 

 We don't what we would do without Mrs. Emmy! 
 We are so excited to have Mrs. Penny as homeroom teacher
 They are ready for meet the teacher 
 Eli's birthday at the Peabody was so much fun. 

 Walt and John Brantley waiting on the ducks to walk out. 
 PeeWee cheer has been so much fun

 It's so neat to see these two playing and cheering for one another. 
 We love our Jake 

 Our Sissy is having lots of showers getting ready for her big day. We are loving being at every one of them 

 Well, Samantha and I won the Parent Spirit Award!! We showed the most spirit for the PeeWee game! 
 I loved being with Sid at KayLeigh and Hunter's wedding 
 My Walt man is loving playing golf on Tuesday nights! 
 Walt came into my room and asked me how to spell family, then he brought this baseball in and showed me. He said, "We are all just family, mama!" 
 My sweet boy praying! 
 We love Mrs. Renee and are SOOOO HAPPY that she is our teacher this year! 
We are blessed and are excited about another school year! 

Lilly's All Star Season

These brothers are ready to cheer on their sisters who play on opposite teams. Reid and Walt are such sweet friends and brothers. 
 These sisters to these brothers are sweet friends who love each other no matter if they win or lose.
 It's always so much fun to win a tournament! Thanks, Coach Jon! 

 Thanks, Mamie and Boo for coming to watch all day long...but it was worth it, because we won!
 Avery, Lilly, Hayden and Caroline loving life as winners. 
 That's my girl making an awesome out at home plate. 
 She's OUT! 
 These girls are getting ready for the World Series with gifts from sweet grandparents who are ready to cheer them on. 
 Giving our gifts to Saltillo 
 Giving our gifts to Southaven 

 Opening ceremonies with our friends Addison and Mackenzie 
 Southaven and Aftershock 
 More gift exchanging at the opening ceremonies 
 The gifts Aftershock gave to Southaven 
 Opening Ceremonies at the World Series 

 Here we's game time! 

 Lilly on first tying that shoe! 

 Getting a pep talk from Coach McCain


Lilly with the Rally Gator 


 We also have a Rally Banana to go along with our Rally far so good. We are winning! 
 These siblings are the BEST...they are at every game supporting their sisters. Walt, of course, couldn't be happier. Look at all those those 7th grades girls and boys, his favorites. 
 Lilly has got to rub on that Rally Gator!  
 After coming out of the losers bracket and having to play 4 games on the hottest day of the year, we lost to the team that we had to play twice to win the tournament. We came in 2nd place. I couldn't be prouder of these girls. They played so hard, but just ran out of steam at 4pm after starting at 9am! 
 Lilly and Coach Jon with her 2nd place ring  
 Lilly with her friend Helen. The Hernando Spirit won, but she and Helen still love each other! :) 
 These 5 girls and 2 coaches have been playing together since they were 5 years old. They have grown so much and are turning into wonderful ball players. 
 We are so proud of Lilly. That trophy and ring are so impressive. 

 How sweet it was for Lilly's rec ball coaches to come watch her play her final World Series game. They were great for her during the rec season and put her up for All Star. We are so thankful for them.