Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Christmas Season and Happy New Year!!

I had a moment on this particular Saturday! I said, "Walt! Santa is coming to Ms. Callie's house Saturday! Don't you want to go see him?" His response, "hmmmm, no, I need to be huntin'!" I seriously cried!!! He is growing up too fast for me! He is loving life, so it is bittersweet. 
So, since my baby boy wouldn't go see Santa with me, I went to get my other baby boy! Thompson, Lilly and I went to see Santa and we had the best time!!! 

 Yes....Christmas season means hunting season in our world!! I have at least one person hunting in my house every morning, sometimes 3! This year is pretty intense! 
 When the ducks aren't flying it's a great time to take a nap! 
 This crew has been hard core hunting....Walt, Will Prince, Avery Davis and Lilly! 
 These two are serious about calling the ducks! 
 Lilly had her friends, Anna Lauren and Caroline over to spend the night. They were in her room with the door closed and things were somewhat quiet, so I opened it up and there they were taking turns reading the Bible! It was such a sweet little moment, which led to conversations about what book to read when you need encouragement and what books are easier to read! My girls are growing up!! 
 Walt's 5k Christmas party was a blast! 
 Masterpiece of a Gingerbread House
 Walt and Mason are best buds 
  These kiddos were so excited about opening their presents from their friends! 
 I love this smile!!!! 
 These 4 boys are best buddies and love each other so much! 
 What a sweet little class! Merry Christmas from Miss Allison's 5k! 
 I am loving our Christmas Eve tradition with this crew. This is year 3 and it just becomes more fun! 
These are my people and oh how I love them and am thankful for them. 
 We played the saran wrap game this year with the kiddos. They had so much fun rolling the dice and unwrapping the big ball! Lilly and I had a great time putting it all together and they ALL loved playing! 
 Hastings finally got to the end and handed out everyone's $10.00 
 These pretty girls are decorating cookies for Santa and doing a very good job!!! 
 Merry Christmas from this crazy bunch!!!! 
 My Christmas Mantle that I just love! 
 Santa came! He brought these two bow and arrows, caps, pj's a punching bag, 
 Dak Prescott socks and so much more!! 
 I was getting dressed and ready on Christmas day, I looked out my window and I saw Walt "hunting birds"!!! 
 Lilly was thrilled when she saw that the elves had stayed. They told her that they talked Santa into letting them stay to watch them play with their toys. Santa said that Lilly and Walt could play with them and then later on that night Santa would give them their magic back to fly back to the North Pole.  
 Santa gave Lilly a selfie stick, so she has been having lots of fun with it!
 Lilly and Walt using the selfie stick to take a pic of everyone at Christmas dinner. 
 Another great thing about the Christmas season is that good friends from long ago come back home to visit their family and lots of times they get to squeeze a visit in with me, too! Oh how this girl is medicine for my soul. I love being with her and I wish so much she lived closer to me! The older I get the more I understand that "old friends are the best friends" 
 Happy NEW YEAR from the Prince, Schoggin and Atwood Families! We really know how to ring in the new year! 
 The temps were a bone chilling 17 degrees outside. We had fireworks to shoot, but because it was so cold, we couldn't even get some to light! You can tell by their red cheeks and noses that they are cold! 
Here's to counting our blessings from 2017 and looking ahead to 2018! I pray that I can become more like Jesus in every single area of my life!! To God be the Glory! 

Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jesus is the Reason for the Season and Hunting Season

They say it's the most wonderful time of the year....I guess I would agree. Although the older I get the more stressful it becomes. I find myself trying to get all of these "extra" things done and it usually never happens, then I feel I have cheated my children out of a great Christmas or something. I tried to enjoy the little things this year, sit in my living room with nothing but Christmas lights on, drink apple cider, etc. 
Brian's dad and step mom were in town at the beginning of December so we decided to get a tree while they were here. It was dead as a door nail and barely had any needles on it by Christmas day. Lilly and Walt loved the hayride to the tree farm. 
 They also loved picking our their own tree....I think that this one is the best one we have had ever had! It was really pretty! 
 We do it all, us Atwood's....pick it and cut it! 
 Santa was at the Bass Pro Shop, so we made the trip to visit him! 

 Walt was a Wise Man in the Church Christmas Program. The play was called "Where IS the Baby Jesus?" It was so cute....they all did so good. Will was my lead role and he did GREAT! 
 The 3 Wise Men - Walt, Micah and Steven Wait
 Some of the crew.....
 My very FAVORITE set!!! I just love this! 
 Lilly was a snowflake in her program. She rang the bells, first and then performed. 
 She had a solo and she did such a good job. She really liked performing and is excited about next years production. 
 This little boy in the pic below has the fever! He is eaten up with hunting this season. That is all he thinks about or talks about. He killed this hog with an AR 15 and is soooo excited!  
 Look at that big smile on his face!! 
 Brian and I were able to escape for a night out with our friends, Robyn and Andrew. 
 I love my friend....we always have such a great time together. 
 Lilly wanted to be let in all of the hunting fun. She and Avery went with their Daddies, hunting! She had a great time! 

 Lilly and with her Daddy posing with their ducks in front of the famous Beaver Dam Lake sign. 
 Duck hunting....more like waking up at 4:30 is hard! My Walt man sacked out on an early morning hunt. 
 MHS put on the Holly Jolly Hoe Down for mothers and sons this year. Walter would have NOTHING to do with dancing with his mother, he barely would take a picture. 
 He might not have time for his mama, but he always has time for these boys. Will and Grisham always have time for Walt, too, which is so very nice and means the world to both me and Walt. 
 Lilly with her doggies....this cold weather has allowed for the animals to be inside the house more than usual. They are all three loving it! 
 Toby, our Elf, is back! Lilly built a nice house for him! She is so creative. I am always amazed at all she comes up with! 
 Toby has not been the best elf this Christmas. He just flies all over the place at all different times of the day, so Santa sent Windy....a girl elf to keep him straight and make sure that Toby flies back to Santa each night! 
 Our new elf, Windy! Welcome to the crazy Atwood family!!! 
Remembering that Jesus is the Reason for the Season and all that we have is a blessing!!