Monday, March 6, 2017

A Great Start to 2017

Our cat, Dori, is too cool for the NEW YEAR! She says bring on the year 2017!! 
 My best friend and I weren't looking or feeling our best, but we had a great during the break catching up and laughing. Her 4 babies are precious and my 2 babies love them. I can't believe she has twin girls. Sweet Baby Grace did not want to take a selfie. 
 January always proves to be a good hunting month. Lilly, Will and Walt had a great time getting some meat for the new year. I think that they killed 3 deer in that one day. 
This little sports nut fell fast asleep looking at his football cards. 
 Walt and I decided to go watch the Bulldogs play basketball the night before school started back. Our Bulldogs didn't win the game, but were super excited to see the Golden Egg and the St. Petersburg Bowl Trophy. 
 It was a beautiful Saturday, so while Daddy was hunting during the last weekend, the kids and I went to Starkville for some MSU Basketball.
 Lilly and Bully are such great friends. Walt was hiding behind me and gripping my leg. 
 Selfie time with Mama!! 
 LOOK!!!! It's JB!!! Our favorite MSU baseball player. We are so excited about baseball season. 
 OHHHH MYYYY!!! It's Nick....Walt said all football season long that he needed to see Nick and get his picture. There he was just standing in line to get a drink at the concession stand at the hump! What a fun day! 
 We were so sad to say good-bye to our KT, but we are super proud of him. He is off to Southeast Missouri State to play some football. We are praying for you!!! 
 The second semester started off  with a bang. Walt has been talking about and talking about the number 100 and it FINALLY got here. They celebrated by decorating capes with 100 items and wearing them to school They rode the bus to the movie theater and saw the movie, Sing! Walt decorated his cape with 100 MSU footballs. 
 Lilly had career week at school and she decided to dress up as a Veterinarian. She loves her animals and was so excited to take care of them. 
 Well, we are soooooo thankful and praising God that our Mr. Horace is okay. He suffered a stroke and it has effected his speech and walking. He is getting better and better every day. Lilly has been so worried about him. We went to see him in rehab Sunday after church and she just hugged him the whole time. Sweet Sweet girl I have!!! 
 We have been praying lots for our neighbor and friend, Martin Bell. He had some surgery this weekend, too! He had half of his thyroid removed and we also found out that the cyst attached was NOT cancer. We have lots to be thankful for in our neighborhood. Praising our Lord for all of this good news.  
Sweet brother and sister....most of the time!!! 
Our sweet Aubrey Claire is growing up. She is becoming a beautiful young lady and we were so happy to be able to watch her in her first beauty review. She did wonderful and are so proud of her. 
The day FINALLY arrived for the Daddy/Daughter Dance. Lilly gets in the car and never tells me anything about school, what she needs to bring, what's in her folder...UNTIL she got the note about the dance. She picked out her dress that same night and the dance was 3 weeks away. I walked upstairs later on that night and she had laid her daddy's clothes out, too.....tie and all! :)  
They had a wonderful dinner with their friends and their daddy's before the dance. 
Daddy and sweet!!! 
I love this picture!!! 
While Daddy and Daughter were dancing the night away, I got to take these sweet boys to eat Mexican. They keep me laughing and I am thankful for every minute that I get to spend with them. 
2017 has started off wonderfully! We couldn't be more blessed. We are praising God for all that he does for us and for his hand of protection on our family!!! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Myra and Stephen's Wedding Weekend

My little sister, Aunt My, is getting married!! 
As Lilly said during the wedding week which just made my heart smile, "Mama, God has finally answered my prayers, Aunt LaLa is getting a baby and Aunt My is getting a husband!" All is right in the world in her eyes and she is so pumped to know that God has answered her prayers. The sweet innocence and faith of little ones increases my faith all of the time. 

We celebrated Friday night before the big day at The Hollywood. The two oldest nieces, Mary Claire and Lilly ate this wedding and ALL of the festivities up. 

Sara Whit, Myra and Laura celebrating after a long week of prepping and planning for the wedding. 
Celebrating with my sweet boy and Lilly celebrating with her Uncle Tom. 
All of the kiddos.....Walt is the only boy in this mix until baby boy Thompson arrives. 
All of the precious kiddos LOVE the bride. Sweet and fun Aunt My. 
Lilly with the happy couple. :) 
All of the sisters....Laura, Sara Whit, Myra and Margaret Anne. 
The big day is here and we are all super excited to get this show on the road! Aunt My put on her wedding dress which caused Lilly to hug her. 
The bride with her veil. Lilly was the perfect one to make sure her dress and veil were just right. 
Walt just wanted to play with his leggos....he was very good until this mama wanted a family picture and then he decided to act like the punk that he can be. Oh well, you can't win them all. 
My beautiful sister, the bride. She had my mom's wedding dress redone. I think that it turned out perfect! 

The Father of the Bride and Myra
Waiting....Hey Walt! 
The entrance....she is so happy! 
The vows...Walt kept saying "why is that man talkin' so long?" 
The parents and the bride in the formal living room. 
Walt and Lilly....Walt with his lego airplane he built. 
The beautiful cake that my dear friend made. 
My sweet boy, when he wants to be, smiling with his mama! 
It was a great night for the four of us. 
The beautiful proud mothers of the groom and bride, Anne and Lilibeth. 
Aunt My and Uncle Stephen gave the girls beautiful jewelry boxes with their names on them. Walt opened up his gift and said, "It's a boy jewelry box, but I don't have any jewelry!" We all laughed, but it's 7pm at this point and he is beyond done with the day. We all loved his "boy jewelry box" because we all grew up with Tom having one just like it. Walt was not impressed with our enthusiasm UNTIL Uncle Tom brought his out to show Walt. He had some MSU and Bulldog lapel pins in his box and gave one to Walter. Needless to say, Walt LOVES his "boy jewelry box" now and finds something else to put in it, all the time. 
Happy New Year from Aunt LaLa and Walt man! 
Happy New Year from the Atwood Family. What a wonderful 2016 it was. Here is hoping that 2017 brings just as much love and laughter. 
With all of our Love, 
Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Gingerbread Houses, Cousins, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2016

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year, and Walt said it would not be complete without a Gingerbread House making party. Walt has been saying for weeks that he wanted to invite some friends have to decorate gingerbread houses. His sissy got to make one at school and he didn't, so he wanted a party. 

Lilly got to have a few of her friends over, too. Rae and Anna Lauren were great decorators. 

These are Walt's guests...Taylor McCain, Fisher, Hastings, Will Howell, Will Prince and Steven Wait. He hand picked there guests and they range in age from 12 to 4, and boys and girls. This boy is something else. 
Christmas Eve with this crew was too much fun. I love these people in this photo like they are all mine. The Norris' and Prince's have been God sends to us and I love our Christmas tradtion that we have started. 
I love these 6 extra special kiddos! 
My besties....thank you Lord for these ladies. 
Cookie making time.....
sweet Lilly ALWAYS being sweet to her brother.....
Cousin time in Walt's world is the best time.....Owen, Clayton and Andrew are three of the big boy cousins that Walt man loves to play with.
Walt and sweet Andrew. He will tell anyone that Andrew is his favorite. :) 
We LOVED having our Advent/Jesse Tree this Christmas season. Because we go to a church that loves our children so much we were able to get this tree. So many people worked together to allow every child in our church to get a tree. It was a special time each night of the Christmas season as we hung the ornament and read the devotional each night. It set things in perspective for all of us, to remind us what the season is all about. 
I don't think that I have ever seen these too so excited about the same thing at the same time. This Christmas was so much fun. They were at just the perfect ages to enjoy and experience the true magic of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. 
Weeellll.....they got their 4 wheeler!!! The LOVE it!!!! 
Christmas Day at Aunt LaLa's and Uncle Tom's house. Walt is hanging out in his new Dak Prescott jersey that Santa left him. He and LaLa are having fun opening presents. 
Lilly and Lea!!! She finally got her....she has been waiting patiently. Mamie and Boo pulled through. 
Walt's FAVORITE thing to do is open presents. He doesn't even have to like or want what's in them, he just likes to open them. 
BUUTT he likes them even more when there is an 18 foot snake inside that he has been begging Mamie and Boo for since September. 
What a funny fuuny surprise from Aunt LaLa....Stephen and Brian got these shirts from Aunt LaLa. Poor Stephen has no idea what he is getting himself into and then Brian should have had this shirt 9 years ago. When they opened the presents Brian let everyone know he has it the worst in the's the truth, but he LOVES it! Hail State! 

What a fun and BLESSED Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the Atwood's had. So many things have happened in our family this year which is going to make the year 2017 so much fun and so different. We are adding 2 new members of the family....Stephen, Myra's husband to be and then sweet Baby exciting. So many answered prayers.