Thursday, June 21, 2018

5k Zoo, Easter, Walt is 6

April Showers bring May Flowers...but also lots of busyness for the Atwood crew. Walt's 5k class went to the Memphis Zoo. This was my last field trip to go on with Mini-Mag...I can't believe it's coming to a close. The time has flown by. It was just yesterday he was starting 3k. We had a great time with his friends. 

Walt and Fisher 
Walt and Cole 
Our crew that walked the Memphis Zoo together 
Walt, Fisher and Aiden decided they needed the stroller instead of Aiden's baby sister! 
I sure do love these boys...full of so much stuff that boys are made of!! :) 
Reid, Hunter, Walt, Fisher and Aiden 
It has pretty much rained the entire month of April so our Easter Egg hunt was inside the gym. The kids had a great time, anyway. Walt, Fisher and Jackson smiled big for me. 
Sweet Mia and Walt man
The Magnolia Heights Fine Arts Department put on the most Fabulous play, The Little Mermaid. Our very own Shelby Beshears was a star. It was so amazing and I am so proud of Jodie and the cast. 
Lily Fletcher and Lilly had a great time watching the play 
Our friend Carly went with us and they wanted pics with Ursala's little creatures. 
Sweet Haley Carpenter was Flounder...she was a GREAT one! 
We went for a nature walk one random Sunday...Lilly is always making me laugh with how much she doesn't mind dirt, bugs, the outside. She LOVES it. She had such a great time finding all kinds of things. 
Falling in the mud doesn't phase her one bit....she never complained or cried. She was perfectly fine with being wet the rest of the way. 
We finally got a free weekend and we visited our friends, the Lucka's. Emma Kate came home with us and they had a great time! 
Bringing a new friend to church is always so much fun. 
And just like that my baby boy is 6!!! 
It doesn't seem real, but he is so excited. This child was born grown. Brian doesn't understand why I want to lay down with him at night or why I sometimes carry him when he can easily's because he RARELY lets me do any of that. He has been so "tough" since he entered this world. I love my Walt man and can't wait to see what the future holds for this little baller I have on my hands. 
Walt's friends in his class celebrating with him at lunch! 
He loved having a baseball cake and celebrating at Sky Zone. 
Yep....when I asked Walt who he wanted to come to his party, he had two 12 year olds on the list. How sweet they are to come!! I have figured out that any kid will go if a trip to sky zone is involved. They all LOVE it. Thank you, Will and Grisham for loving my guy so much. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Lilly and Mama!

We hopped in the car on a Tuesday in February and got redemption from the South Carolina Gamecocks. We were out for blood after they beat us in the National Championship last year. We were there with a sold out crowd and it was amazing. We even saw our new football coach, Joe Moorhead. It was a great night with a Bulldog win!!! 

 We loaded up one Sunday and watched the lady Dawgs take on Texas A&M with Summer and Cooper. It was such a fun day! 

 Walt celebrated 100 days of school by dressing up like an old man. He said he was "Coach Durr":) 
 It's hard to believe that my girl is 9 years old. Time is sure flying by. She loved her yard card wishing her a Happy Birthday. 
 She wanted an emoji birthday cake so our friend Cindy didn't disappoint! 
 She celebrated with her friends in her photo booth....

 Caroline Murphree spent the night
 We had Rio Lindo with pie in the face on her real birthday...her favorite tradition. 

 My pretty 9 year old wanted Olivia to put make up on pretty and sweet. 
 My family knows what I like, so for my birthday we all went to Starkville for a baseball game AND a lady bulldog basketball game. The NEW Dudy Noble Field is so nice and I can't wait until it's complete. 
 I loved being in Starkville with the four of us! 
 Lilly is taking it all in this. 
 My Walt man is just happy to be watching some baseball. 
 This was the LAST time to watch our girls play ball in person this season. This was the first round of the NCAA tournament and after this they travel to places that are just too's been such a fun ride and I have tears in my eyes typing this. 
Roshunda and Blair are our absolute faves. 

 We saw Ketara!! She played last year and Lilly would say "Mama, is she a model?" We were so happy to see her back supporting her team. 
 Here's to our future team....Jordan Danberry and Myah Taylor, two players that we are excited to get to know. 

 WOW!! Just WOW....I can't put into words the season that these girls had. It was incredible. This pic was taken just before the game was over to advance them to the National Championship game. I can't believe it ended with a buzzer beater shot. We lost and I have never been more sick over a game! It was heartbreaking and my family just sat in silence when the shot went in. Nothing can take away the memories made or the lessons we all learned from this amazing and tough team. I will be using them as examples to my daughter for years to come. Hail State!!! 

Snow, Hunting and Basketball 2018

We had a few snow days two days after we went back to school for the year. The kids loved it and I just grinned and prayed not to lost it. The coming in and out and being house bound really gets to me. It has been a cold depressing winter in terms of weather. I am glad that the kids at least got a little snow. 

 Walt and Steven Wait trying out the make shift sled Dad made for them. 
 Lilly and Eliza having fun

 Well, our Lady Bulldogs have started off the season with a bang....we haven't lost a game yet, and we are very hopeful for a VERY GOOD a National Championship. Lilly decided she wanted to make a bulletin board dedicated to them, while we were iced in for a few days. 
Lilly and Blair at the Ole Miss game in Oxford 
 We have a new player that Lilly just loves....Chloe Bibby is new to the team this year. She is from Australia and is so sweet. Lilly loves her accent. 
 We love Itty Bitty, aka Morgan! She and Lilly took a selfie.
 RO! We love Roshunda Johnson. 
 Lilly and Anna Lauren waiting to get into the Pavilion when MSU played the Lady Rebels in Oxford. 
 The girls basketball team is giving us lots to smile about, but the men's basketball team as us sitting on the edge of our seats and lots of times disappointed. Poor Walt, he gets so into it....this is his reaction after MSU made a comeback against Alabama but could get it done in the last seconds. He was DEVASTATED. Welcome to being a Dawg fan! 
 Here is again....watching these bulldogs that keep us stressed out. This time we BEAT Arkansas in the last few seconds. It was great and I didn't have to deal with a crying 5 year old, just a HAPPY one! 
 January has been the month to hunt and for each of my kiddos to get their first deer. Uncle Tom and Daddy have been hard at it...making sure they let them get a deer this season! 
 Walt man got his first deer kill....that smile. It is just priceless. From what I hear, he has a pretty good shot. :) 

 Lilly Whit would not be outdone by her little brother. She demanded her daddy take her and he did. She did not disappoint and got her a doe. 

 These two gals had fun Duck Hunting with their daddies this season. Great memories being made at Beaver Dam. 
 This baller begged us to sign him up for UpWard Basketball. He played for the first time and he did great. He was super pumped when he opened up his uniform box and it had Q Weatherspoon's number....his favorite MSU basketball player.