Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall and Football 2016

It's football season! I love it for SORTS of reasons, but the main one being I get to see this girl, LOTS! I love visiting and cheering on my dawgs with my best MSU buddy. :) 
Anderson had a great time tailgating for his first time. Lilly had a great time showing him how it's all done. They had a blast!  

 The Dawg Walk never disappoints when I spend it with these 3 boys. 
 These 3 love their Bulldogs! 
 Walt and MoMo at the tent having fun! 
 Walt has mad a new friend this year at our tent, meet Evan! We couldn't be any happier that the Nettles family have joined us for this years football season. Walt and Evan have hit it off and I see many years of friendship with these two sweet boys. 
 One of our favorite times is getting to see our Sissy. Lilly LOVES getting to be with her Sissy, while at MSU. 
 Yes, that is a crown on Lilly's head and yes, it does have MSU in the middle of it. This girl has a crown for every event. 
 MHS Homecoming Week - 2016 
Mathlete vs Athlete 
My two wanted to be an athlete....no nerds in my house! 
Walt dressed as a MSU baseball player and Lilly in her Rocker softball uniform. 
 We had to go see her friend Caroline and take early morning pics before school, of course. They had to make sure they were dressed a like. 
 Day 2 - America Day! 
God Bless the USA 
 Will and Walt on America day. Walt was so happy that he saw Will in the hall. 
 Day 3 - Homecoming t-shirt day
Walt refused to wear this years homecoming t-shirt that I bought him. He had to wear last years shirt. That is a little glimpse into my world with Walter. UGH!! 
 Friday - Tailgating Day at MHS 
All of the classes get together and set up tents and eat and play together before the Homecoming Pep Rally. It's such a great way to see everyone and have a great time. 
 My Walt wanted to walk around and go see all of his older buddies....we saw them all. Thankful that Will, Blake, Martin and Jack are all so sweet to him. He does love them so much. 
 Lilly and Emerson enjoying there tailgating day. 
 We love our Jake. 
 TIL had a 25 year reunion of our State Championship football team. It was so great to see Coach Caperton and his family, and Shannon! Wow! What a great time that was....when we went 12-0! 
 Brian is from Maryland, so his high school friends NEVER just pass through. We were so happy that his friend, Mike, called us to let us know that he was going to be in the area. They had such a great time catching up and shooting guns! :) 
 We love our neighborhood and our friends. Foster, Lilly, Walt, Maddox and Fisher having fun in the back of Mr. Daniel's truck. 
 It's silly face time. 
 NWCC is having a great year in football and Lilly is thrilled to have a cheerleading uniform that is like the other cheerleaders. She has such a great time turning flips on the sideline cheering on the Rangers. 
We are loving Football season and all that comes with it. We wish the weather would get just a little cooler, but other than that we have no complaints. 

Life with a 7 and 4 year old

Football season at MHS is in full swing and my kiddos love going to the football games. Martin, our next door neighbor and friend, is a Cardinal Crazy and then our Emily is a cheerleader. We love seeing them both on Friday nights. 

 Thankful.....we are thankful! Walt was jumping on the trampoline at the church and he fell on his neck. He didn't scream out in pain initially, but he hurt himself enough to lie there and ask for his mama. When I came to the nursery to check on him, he was crying and that crying just got progressively worse. He would not turn his neck and after everyone in the neighborhood had a look at him, I decided to take him to LeBonheur. He got x-rays and nothing was broken or fractured. He had a bad sprain and his large muscle was spasming, which was causing the pain. They gave him a shot for the pain and sent us on our way. 

 We ended our visit to LeBonheur with a Dairy Queen trip. That makes everyone feel better. 
 The patient recovered well at home. He really liked his neck brace and really started "milk it". :) 
 We love baby Birdie and any time we get to spend with her. 
So, on the day after Walt hurt his neck, we had another adversity to overcome. Our precious new puppy, Molly, died. We are not sure what happened. There seemed to be no trauma and it pretty much happened before our eyes. It was a sad, sad, day and our poor Lilly was devastated. She has mourned Molly, and it has broken my heart. 
God is good, and he answers our prayers. We let the breeder know that we lost Molly. She mentioned that someone had gotten Molly's sister and she was becoming too much for them to handle. They travel a lot and just didn't have time to devote to her. She contacted him and told him what happened. What a blessing that he GAVE her to us. The kids were elated and it has eased the hurt of losing Molly! 

Meet, Sophie! She is our answered prayer, and we love her! 

These boys are something else! They had so much fun shooting skeet with their daddies! Will, Fisher and Walt have so much fun together. We are thankful for such wonderful friends. 
While Walt and I took on the 102 degree heat watching the Bulldogs play, Lilly and her daddy took ir on in the dove field. She had a great time. 

My sweet boy celebrating Jack Sellars at his construction party. 
I was surprised when I walked into the bathroom and saw all of these pretty dresses. My Lilly was getting ready for her spend the night company. She told me they were going to have a fashion show. I am so thankful that she is still loving to dress up. I know that these times are quickly coming to a close. I just want to keep that little girl who loves to play dress up and twirl around. 
Lilly and Anna Lauren love sitting at the desk and working on projects. I love these girls and just wanted to capture this picture so I could have this memory forever. 
Lilly and Grace, just chillin' in the car! 
Celebrating my dear dear friend, Mandy's birthday was the best! Oh how I love being with my friends. I am so thankful that we are getting together more often. I think that we are all realizing just how special we are to each other, and it's worth the effort to get together!
Me and Jett....my BFF!!! 
Mandy, Brigham and Rhonda....the three amigos! 
We are so thankful that our best buddy Jake, is okay! He had an accident, a 4 wheeler ran over him while he was riding his bike. He could have been hurt so much worse. We are praising God for his mercy. 

All of our best! 
The Atwood Family
Brian, Sara Whitten, Lilly and Walt

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Softball World Series, Summer Fun and School

These silly, sweet and funny girls kept us going this summer. All Star softball was definitely an adventure. These girls learned so much. We weren't very good, but they all had such a good time and are better ball players and friends after the experience. 

The Softball World Series was quite the event. We dressed up, participated in a parade, received goodies and ate pizza! We also burned up, but we did that ALL summer long! 

Lilly, Kenley and Eliza having fun at the World Series 
Eliza, Lilly and Braelyn, rocking out! 
These rockers had such a great time. 
These crazy girls, Lilly and Anna Lauren are always rockin'
We are lining up for our gift exchange. Each team that participates in the World Series exchanges a gift with another team.
We exchanged with the Southaven 7u team. The girls were so sweet and excited to make new friends and get a present. 

Lilly's favorite thing was the pin exchange. She LOVED going around and asking for pins and then giving her Rocker pin to them. She ended up with a towel full of pins. Thanks to Aunt LaLa we have a super cool towel to put them all on! 
When it rains, what do you do? You go to 5 Guys and sit and eat at 10am!!! :) 
and when it's over you go to Buffalo Wild Wings with your BFF and wear a crown inside. 
The girls were getting just a little too crazy so Coach Patterson decided they needed some circle time with him. 
Walt's been busy, too! He has been his Sissy's biggest fan, but we also took time to celebrate Will Prince. He is Walt's best buddy and we couldn't be any more thankful that he was born.  
Summer time fun at Mamie and Boo's pool.

I love this site of three shirtless boys in a dirt pile. 
Me and my girls!!!! 

The Withers' clan at the party for Louis and Haley. 
What do you do in Mississppi after the first day of school? You go to the pool with your friends that are members of the Country Club. :) Thanks, Fisher and Foster for the invite! We all had so much fun! 
Look what came in the mail today from Boo? MSU season tickets! Walt was so so so happy. Thank you, Boo for all that you do for us, especially are MSU season tickets every year. 
Meet the Teacher night!!! 
Walt is in 4k and Mrs. Beverly is his teacher. We couldn't be happier to spend the year with Mrs. "Beberly" again. 
Lilly is in 2nd grade and Mrs. Bouchillon is her teacher. We are so excited about a year full of learning and fun. 
The best thing about the first day of school is new backpacks!!! 
We got a 1st day of School picture with our favorite Senior. We love our Emily!! 
It's hard to believe that summer is over and school is over. I am excited about what the year has in store for these 3 precious souls.