Monday, February 16, 2009

Doctor Update

Well, we had another doctor's appointment today. NO CHANGE...NOTHING...she had not even dropped. So, the plan will be to go to my doctor Monday, if still no change then they will admit me to the hospital Tuesday night, start me on some meds and start the induction on Wednesday the 25th. If there has been a change, I will go in Wednesday morning to be induced. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. I know that the Lord has the PERFECT plan. I want to wait and am going to concentrate on enjoying this time with my husband, friends and family. We are so blessed! I am confident that the outcome will be a healthy baby! Love you all!

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Holder Family said...

Please don't be discouraged--I had barely done anything when my water broke. I think I was barely even a centimeter dilated. It will happen-I promise. Hang in there!