Thursday, March 26, 2009

Smiling, A new hat, Friends and a Birthday!

Lilly was one month old yesterday! I can't believe that it has gone by this fast. We are loving every minute of her.
She has started to smile a lot more, which is so much fun to see.
As you can see, we are still sleeping a great deal...some days and nights more than others! I love snapping her picture when she is snoozing. It is so sweet to me. Her favorite spot to sleep is right in the middle of momma and daddy's bed!! (we only do that about 4 am...I promise!)
Lilly got a new hat in the mail from her boyfriend Price Etheridge, who should be making his debut into the world any day now. We can't wait to meet him! Thanks Laura Leigh for the hat, it has been a hit!
Lilly has also met a few friends in the month that she has been in the world. Jake is our next door neighbor who is 5 months old. We love him so much and I know it looks like Lilly does not in this picture, but she was just not ready to be put down on that floor with Jake just yet. Jake loves looking at her and cooing and laughing and then grabbing her's too sweet!


Bryan Owen said...

Great photos, cousin!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see a picture of Grandma Pam and Aunt Jamie with sweet little Lilly.

Aunt B

Anonymous said...

Yes, me too! Aunt Kristy needs to make sure they are being good to little Lilly! Can you photoshop me in?

A.KK ( I just made that up :) )

P.S. Any grandma names yet?