Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A few of our FAVORITE things

We are FINALLY back to normal and in our routine. We have met our quota for being sick in 2010, so I am glad that we got that over and out of the way!!! We have not done a whole lot this new year, so I thought I would post some updated pics of Lilly and her "favorites"!

BETSY...is, of course, one of Lilly's most favorite people! They are so cute together. Lilly LOVES to see her walk through the door and she HATES to see her leave. She walks to the door right behind her telling her "bye bye bye". It's so cute!

She turned 11 months old yesterday....WOW...the time has gone by so very fast! She is walking all over the place! It's hard to believe that this time last year we were just all anxiously awaiting her arrival!

Such a sweet and cute smile...she is getting such a personality! She makes such funny faces and has the cutest laugh....and she laughs A LOT! Those 8 teeth are just a shinin!!
BOOKS....Lilly LOVES her books. They are on a shelf in the den downstairs a basket full upstairs. She loves to go to both places and get them all off or out and flip through the pages. EVERY NOW AND THEN I can get through a whole book without her wanting to flip the pages herself. I hope that this love for books continues and it is this strong in 10 years!!
BATH TIME....Lilly absolutely LOVES the bathtub. When in doubt throw her in the tub!! It soothes her and quiets her down instantly. She could stay in there all day. She always has to have a toy in each hand. I love watching all of the things that make her "tick". I see a lot of me...having a toy in each hand...LORD, I PRAY THAT IS NOT A SIGN OF OCD...ha ha!! If she has it....she got it honest! Bless her SOUL!!

What a JOY Lilly Whit is ...thanks for sharing our life with us. We love you all!


Anonymous said...

Lilly is such a cutie and is growing so fast! Can't wait to see her in person when you guys come to town.

Love ya, Aunt B

Shannon said...

I promise you she will be OCD...just like my girls are...just like their Mama =)

I owe you a phone call BIG time...you called me a few weeks ago, and I did not call you back. I am SO sorry!! Things have been a little on the crazy side...and now Lucy has the FLU. And the school just called for us to come get Macy. Jason is headed there now. Here we go again...

The Worshams said...

thanks for the new update - can you do mine! im not a good blogger! i love seeing where is lilly is and what she enjoys and is doing bc i know we are just 6months behind her! ;) we have those frog pjs too! cant wait to have yall over for dinner in the new house- i owe yall for brians help! love, aimee