Monday, March 1, 2010

The Birthday Girl!

Lilly with Uncle Tom, having fun in her new tent that her Aunt My gave her!
Can we say that she loves birthday cake!?

Lilly is having too much fun "smashing" that cake!!
Party Decor!
She was so funny when everyone started singing to her! She did not know what to think!!!

More Party Decor...thanks to Lilly's Godmother , house looked really GREAT...if I do say so myself! I just wish I could take the credit. Just so thankful that I have such talented and great friends!
I loved the banner...I just though it made the room. Elizabeth Bell who is our 16 year old neighbor, just whipped that banner out like it was nothing on Friday night. You know the thought of doing something like that stresses me out. It was great and I just love that sweet Elizabeth Bell!
Lilly and Betsy the night of her actual Birthday! She is putting that "whammy" face on!
Lilly and LuLu looking at the book that she gave her. Lilly LOVES books!

Eating cake on her actual birthday! She LOVES it.

Her is the birthday girl, getting ready to go to her babysitters house the morning of her birthday!'s been a busy week. Lilly has had a very busy weekend. I have so many more pictures to share, but I thought that I would just highlight her birthday and party this time. This blogging thing really frustrates me, because I never know what order to go in. Anyway, this is how they turned you can see my little girl had a fabulous Birthday. I still can't believe that it has been one year...what a blessing!
More to come...I wanted to get these pics up for her Grammy and aunts in Maryland!! We missed you all! We will see you soon! Thanks to my family for aunts are too wonderful! I love you Libby, Lynoir and Mary Lou!


Terri said...

Wow, the time has flown by. I can't believe Lilly is already a year old. She is precious.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie and already 1 year old! Where did the time go? I love the blog because we get to see Lilly grow up ... so please don't get too frustrated with it ..::smile::
Love and see you soon, Aunt Betty

Julie Nolte Owen said...

Happy birthday, Lilly! The party and cake were beautiful! I hope your second year with Lilly is as blessed as the first one.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. Lilly is one happy little girl and loved so much. We can't wait to see her in just two weeks. We plan on spoiling her big time.
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Lilly is one happy little girl and loved so much. We can't wait to see her! Just two weeks! We miss you guys!
Lots of Love,

Aunt La La said...

What a fun party! I love that first pic of Tom and Lilly with the whammy face. It's such a cute picture of them both. :) Love you sister!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing pics of her 1st birthday! So sad we couldn't be there to help celebrate but we are definitely looking forward to seeing you all very soon!! I have a feeling Riley is going to be very entertained by his cousin, Ms. Lilly!
xo, Aunt Kristy

My said...

I'm so glad I came! I blogged about her too! Check it out! See you soon. Aunt My

The Rives said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! What great pictures! It looks like she had a great time. You guys have such a fun year ahead of you. She will just amaze you everyday!