Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Withers Gone Wild, Beach Trip 2010

We arrive in Destin, Florida after 9 grueling hours in the car....really only 6 because we stayed with my aunt on Friday night. We loved our house that my parents so graciously rented for the family vacation. We never really went on vacations growing up, so this is something that my mom and dad really said they want to start doing. It was a great week, and I am so blessed to have a such a wonderful family. My brother and sisters are the BEST and I love them so much. It warmed my heart to see Lilly bonding with them all during the week.
Our little Lilly bug was cutting some severe teeth during the week, so she was not herself the first few days. Nothing would do, and she cried out in pain, cuddled a lot and ran a low grade fever for about 2 good days. I was glad to have the extra hands there to help me, but I felt so sorry for her! We made some good memories, and had some much needed r and r!
Lilly found the computers in Destin. Uncle Tom and Aunt My always had there lap tops out and on. They were in very easy reach of Lilly and she was always wanting to peck away on the keyboard. Aunt My said "no" to Lilly playing on her laptop, but Aunt LaLa let her do it anyway. Next thing you know, Lilly has turned Aunt My's screen UPSIDE DOWN! As Lilly says often "UH OH". Thank goodness Aunt LaLa fixed it....shew!

RaRa, Jake, Cliff and Taylor were in Destin at the same time, so we met them for supper one night. Fudpuckers was a great place for the kids to play. Lilly was so excited to see RaRa and Jake his Whitty after almost a week. We just swapped babies for the night!

So, my "lifesavers" for sure were these two adorable girls...on the inside and out! Trista and Courtney were at the beach with their family and we met them our first day. They are the sweetest girls from Texas and we just fell in love with them and their family. They were so sweet to Lilly, and played with her the very little time that she wanted to be on the beach.

Courtney walked up to us the second we brought Lilly out to the beach and just took up with her instantly. Lilly went right to her and they became instant friends. I so wish that she lived closer...awesome babysitters are hard to come by....we miss you already, Court!

Destin Commons was right across the street from our house! So, one afternoon we took Lilly to the fountains. She probably had the most fun doing this. She loves the water hose, so this was just the water hose times 10!!!

The sisters loved going to Sonic to get our big drinks for the day. We would be so excited each day and then we would walk in and realize that Lilly was going to be whining for them. One of us would eventually give in....this time it looks like it was Aunt My!

As I said, Lilly was not her usual self, to say it very nicely. At times she was just out right BAD. I know that she was hurting, but good grief!! Bless her....Brian gave her popcorn one afternoon when she was having a complete melt down and it seemed to solve all of the world's problems in that moment....THANK YOU LORD FOR POPCORN!

This was typical scene during the week. Uncle Tom, LaLa and Lilly surfing the web!

Aunt LaLa made for us a grand feast of Frogmore Stew...which is boiled shrimp, corn, sausage and potatoes. It was divine. Our sweet, great, good friend Ann Clark Gannaway is in Destin for the summer, so she came to play and eat with us one night. It was neat because I remember Ann Clark being born and Myra went with them to babysit on her family vacations! Now she has caught up with us!!

Lilly liked the pool a lot, of course. She has been quite our little fish this summer. It was so nice having the pool five steps outside your back door. She and Aunt My played a lot in it!

Not quite knowing what to think about all of this ocean and beach stuff. This pic is of her first few moments out on the beach. She liked it just ok....I thought she would enjoy it more. She seemed overwhelmed and of course those "dern" teeth!!

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