Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sidney's Birthday and Summer Fun

Another busy week in the Atwood Family. Our sweet friend Sidney had a birthday last week. She was in New York City for her big 17th birthday, but we celebrated when she got back. Lilly loves a birthday. I was going to let the birthday cake be a surprise, but the second she walked in the door, Lilly ran to her and said, "here is your birthday cake". Oh was cute!

Lilly sitting ever so anxiously on the edge of Sid's lap, ready for to blow those candles out of a cake that is NOT cute!
The girls blowing them out....YAY!!

I snapped this pic as Lilly was just prancing through the house. She was playing hard on this morning....getting herself and her puppy dog already to go somewhere, not sure exactly where, but somewhere really good! She has her cell phone, her camera, her keys and her puppy dog and the shades already on!

We have had lots of pool time.....

Our church swims on Wednesday nights at different places and this is a picture of a group of sweet girls. Payton, Anna and Emma Grace with Lilly. She has so much fun with those big girls!

And we have most of your pool time with Tabitha, Hayden and Piper Brown. These are our great, fun friends who always like to play. Hayden and Piper are twins and they could not look any more different or act any more different. We love them both and I am so happy that Lilly will have twins as good friends That is so neat to me!

Lilly and Piper after a long day at the pool.

Hayden, Lilly and Piper playing away in the water....

Lilly giving Piper "love".

We have made SEVERAL trips to Wal-Mart this summer, and these weddings have really had Lilly getting into the second we walk in the door, she starts asking me if she can get some "lips". I gave in today and this is what happened....oh my oh my oh my!

We stopped by to visit our friends at the Upstairs Closet and Lilly decided to "model" a few things for us and everyone shopping the GREAT half off sale! Rhinestone reading glasses, anyone? Mamie, if you are reading, these sure look like you!

And now, her FAVORITE thing that she just HAD to get her little hands on... the pink, bedazzled cowboy boots. Aunt My or Aunt LaLa, I think that these have your name written all over them...Lilly wanted them so bad!

Lilly and I have been having so much fun...I got teary eyed today as I thought about my summer being half over....I will choose to cherish the rest of my break.

Happy 4th to All....We have BIG plans, so stay tuned.

Thanks for following our life, I am humbled!

Sara Whitten


gini said...

Too cute! Happy 4th!!

Busy Life As A Bunyard ♥ said...

Love those pink cowgirl boots!! That Lilly Whit is sassy!! Love and miss you!