Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome Puff, Boo's Birthday and a Summer Outing with Friends

My faithful readers, family and friends know that I have very hard time saying "no" to anyone. Well, I can tell you that with EVERY FIBER of my being I wanted to say no to Lilly getting a kitten, but she and Robin talked me into it! On the Saturday that I returned, Lilly was so excited to show me Jake's kitten. She carried that kitten around for two straight hours and after I was talked into her getting one, we had to talk "Daddy" into it. He finally caved, so off we went on the golf cart, down the road to pick out our kitten. Puff was out roaming around, so we thought that he should come home with us. Lucy, Lilly's friend who gave us the kitten, had already named it, so we just went with it....I like Puff. Lilly is "in love" with this kitten. She so reminds me of my sister when she was little. Myra was always walking around with a cat in her arms!

When Puff is inside she is usually in Lilly's arms.....poor thing!
She talks to the kitten like it's a's SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Happy Birthday to BOO. Boo had a birthday last week, and we finally got to celebrate it last night with a great steak dinner and a delicious homemade coconut cake!

Oh, how this girl loves cake and ice cream!

Today, we went to get our friends, Jack and John Ellis Price. Gini is keeping them this summer, so we all went to Southaven together to run our errands. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-A and these two monkeys had a great time playing in the playground.

Jack is toooooooo cute, because he wants to hold Lilly's hand everywhere we EVERYWHERE.....and Lilly lets him, which is so funny to me. He talks to her like a little baby and hugs her and tells her he loves her! SWEETNESS!


One of our stops was the dr's office, because John Ellis had to get shots for school. Lilly and Gini entertained themselves by playing with the camera while we wanted on John Ellis.

And because he was SO VERY BRAVE, we went for ice cream after he was done!

Tired little children after a long, hot day in the CITY...ha!

Lilly loving on that cat, again!

Lilly and Puff...poor puff!

With Love,

the Atwoods


Haven said...

I think you have officially named him "Poor Puff!" Ha! So sweet. I am sure that I will be in your shoes one day (once we have children), having to convince Ken to get a kitten for our children. I think I would probably get more enjoyment watching him cave. Hope the rest of your summer is going well!

Shannon Willcutt said...

What a blessed kitty cat!!

Can I tell you HOW crazy excited I was when I spotted Lilly at the circus last Thursday? You can only imagine, I am sure...remember me screaming so loud in your dorm room that Susan heard me? Haha!! Brian's stepmom probably thought I was CA-RAZY chasing her through the Bancorp South Center!! You know I couldn't let that baby go without speaking to her!!!

Hope ya'll are having a great summer!! You are always on my mind...especially when I know school is about to get started back soon. I pray for you daily *Ü*

I love you,