Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Football and hiding....

Sidney called last Thursday night and asked if Lilly could go to the Jr. High football game with her and Parker! I knew that she would love it. Her friend, Lucy, had an extra cheerleading uniform for her to wear, so we got all ready for the big game....even some face paint!

She had a she is with Anna Lauren and Brooks. Brooks is Sidney's sister, so they went to see her cheer.

Two great MHS cheerleaders!

Lilly, practicing her skills! She looks so grown up in that little uniform....I can't STAND it!

She is in to "hiding" these days....I think that we can thank Aunt LaLa for that! This is where I found her last night! That little stinker! Gotta love that little girl!

Life is good....we have been enjoying it. Going to both MHS ballgames and to Senatobia Warriors games and starting Thursday....MSU BULLDOGS games! Football is here and we are loving it!


gini said...

She is precious and she does look Sooo big in that outfit. Love y'all!!

Myra said...

I'm so glad she is going to fulfill my dream of being a Chief. She's too adorable. I'm so sad I will miss seeing yall this weekend at Mary Lou's. :( Tell everyone hello for me and give them big hugs!

Shannon Willcutt said...

Too cute!

Macy is doing pee wee cheerleading this year! And guess who the worst Mom in the world is for forgetting her camera every game? That would be me!!!!