Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Myra and Stephen's Wedding Weekend

My little sister, Aunt My, is getting married!! 
As Lilly said during the wedding week which just made my heart smile, "Mama, God has finally answered my prayers, Aunt LaLa is getting a baby and Aunt My is getting a husband!" All is right in the world in her eyes and she is so pumped to know that God has answered her prayers. The sweet innocence and faith of little ones increases my faith all of the time. 

We celebrated Friday night before the big day at The Hollywood. The two oldest nieces, Mary Claire and Lilly ate this wedding and ALL of the festivities up. 

Sara Whit, Myra and Laura celebrating after a long week of prepping and planning for the wedding. 
Celebrating with my sweet boy and Lilly celebrating with her Uncle Tom. 
All of the kiddos.....Walt is the only boy in this mix until baby boy Thompson arrives. 
All of the precious kiddos LOVE the bride. Sweet and fun Aunt My. 
Lilly with the happy couple. :) 
All of the sisters....Laura, Sara Whit, Myra and Margaret Anne. 
The big day is here and we are all super excited to get this show on the road! Aunt My put on her wedding dress which caused Lilly to hug her. 
The bride with her veil. Lilly was the perfect one to make sure her dress and veil were just right. 
Walt just wanted to play with his leggos....he was very good until this mama wanted a family picture and then he decided to act like the punk that he can be. Oh well, you can't win them all. 
My beautiful sister, the bride. She had my mom's wedding dress redone. I think that it turned out perfect! 

The Father of the Bride and Myra
Waiting....Hey Walt! 
The entrance....she is so happy! 
The vows...Walt kept saying "why is that man talkin' so long?" 
The parents and the bride in the formal living room. 
Walt and Lilly....Walt with his lego airplane he built. 
The beautiful cake that my dear friend made. 
My sweet boy, when he wants to be, smiling with his mama! 
It was a great night for the four of us. 
The beautiful proud mothers of the groom and bride, Anne and Lilibeth. 
Aunt My and Uncle Stephen gave the girls beautiful jewelry boxes with their names on them. Walt opened up his gift and said, "It's a boy jewelry box, but I don't have any jewelry!" We all laughed, but it's 7pm at this point and he is beyond done with the day. We all loved his "boy jewelry box" because we all grew up with Tom having one just like it. Walt was not impressed with our enthusiasm UNTIL Uncle Tom brought his out to show Walt. He had some MSU and Bulldog lapel pins in his box and gave one to Walter. Needless to say, Walt LOVES his "boy jewelry box" now and finds something else to put in it, all the time. 
Happy New Year from Aunt LaLa and Walt man! 
Happy New Year from the Atwood Family. What a wonderful 2016 it was. Here is hoping that 2017 brings just as much love and laughter. 
With all of our Love, 
Sara Whitten, Brian, Lilly and Walt 

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