Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Pics from the Month

Lilly and Eliza met each other for the first time and they can't wait to be great friends!

Kellye and I introduced Kendall and Lilly to each other and we have already started praying that they not have QUITE as much fun as their "mammas" did together!! HA HA!!

My FAVORITE thing to do with Lilly is sleep with her. It is so sweet! Brian captured this lovely photo early Sunday morning! She had I ended up on the couch about 4 am!

Lilly and her Aunt Lala on Mother's Day!

Besty and Lilly...doing what they both do best....SNOOZING!

Lilly with her good buddy Jake! She is not quite to the sitting up stage yet, so we just put Jake in the cradle with her....they love it!

Lilly made her debut at Crawfish Alley!

Lilly with her Uncle Tom...he was so proud that she came to watch him boil those mud bugs!
As you can see from all the pictures it has been an exciting and eventful month! We have been so blessed with family and friends visiting! It is so hard to believe that she is 3 months old. She is changing so much each day now, and I feel like if I blink I will miss something! We love her so much and are so blessed! Sorry about all the pictures, since my computer "seems" to be working again hopefully I will be able to update more often! Love you all!


Libbby said...

Love them all. I am so glad to see new ones. I look twice daily...
Love you,

Macy and Lucy said...

Love your new pictures! You remind me so much of me and Lucy sleeping on the couch. She would NOT sleep if she wasn't in my arms, so we ended up on the couch A LOT of nights!! I would not trade that precious time for ANYTHING!!!

Love the picture of Uncle Tom and his twin...my goodness she looks just like him! Although I am catching a glimpse of you and Brian in her in some of the pictures :)

Can not WAIT to see you Friday!!!

Love ya!!

HollyBerry said...

I just can't believe how much Lily has grown!!! Wow! I hate I've not gotten to hug on her in person. I can't wait for her and JoAnna to meet. Love you, Boog!

The Brennan's said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting some more pictures so we can see that sweet child! She is getting so big. I can't wait to see her again!