Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Road Trip and my NEW den

Macy and Lilly...she was so content laying on Macy and eventually fell right asleep!

Lucy, Macy and Lilly when we just arrived.

Hayes, Kate Ross Eason and Mandy Murphree

Kate Ross and Lilly...they are exactly 4 months apart
Kate Ross and Lilly hanging out at the ballgame together!
Brian was out of town working a Kairos (prison ministry) this weekend, so Lilly and I decided that we would hop in the car and go visit our friends in Columbus. One of my dearest friends from Tunica lives there with her 2 boys, Eason and Hayes and her little girl, Kate Ross is EXACTLY 4 months older than Lilly. The girls have not met yet, so I thought it was great time to take a trip. A great friend of mine from college also lives there, so we just got lots of great visiting in with her and her girls as well. Macy is her oldest and it is so sweet how she loves and takes care of Lilly...I wish so much her mamma and daddy would give her a baby!!! (hint hint) Lilly was real trooper all weekend long and did FANTASTIC in the car. She is really a great baby. We had so much fun and miss you both already!
He replaced all the trim and casing with smooth wood and added crown molding. He painted the dark paneling and trim! The trim color is montereyt white and the wall color is barley.

My built in cabinet and shelves...I love it!!

My entertainment cabinet....it looks great!

My mantle looks totally different!
For those of you that have seen my den, pre renovation, you know that it was like a dungeon..so dark and dreary!! My husband is too wonderful as well as talented and he came in and remodeled it all. It is by far the biggest project we have done to our house and it has made a world of difference! Thanks, Brian! I love it!

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Anonymous said...

The "cute factor" with these latest pictures of Lilly and Friends is off the scales! Loved seeing them.

Aunt B