Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Adventure, A Celebration and MoMo Babysits

Lilly with the hummingbird on her shoulder

Lilly looking at the hummingbird that my mom (Mamie) caught.

So if you have ever had a conversation with my mother or have been to her house, you should know that she LOVES hummingbirds. She has feeders set up all on our patio and she loves to sit and watch them. Yesterday, we were at her house for a visit, and we heard a peck on the big window. My mom became frantic because she thought that a hummingbird had killed himself! So she went outside, with my child in her arms, and saw the hummingbird on the ground. She picked it up and "massaged" it back to life. After that the little hummer just stayed around for a bit and hung out with Mom and Lilly. It was truly amazing!

Our friend Kelli is getting married in October, so we got the girls and guys together for a small cookout to celebrate the engagement!

And THANK YOU so much MoMo for keeping Lilly on Saturday. I am not quite sure how I would have handled it all without your help! I know that she had a great time, and I am so happy that you two girls got to spend some quality time together! We Love you and Uncle Andy so much!


Kellye Abraham said...

I love that Lily Beth "massaged" the hummingbird back to life! Only she would think of such a drastic life-saving measure! Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love all the new updates! Lilly is too cute, and some of her facial expressions-priceless!


Aunt Kristy

Macy and Lucy said...

That is so sweet...Lilly with a hummingbird on her shoulder. That is such a once in a lifetime sort of thing!!