Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Tired Baby, Father's Day, and The Pool

Lilly is starting to act a little like her mamma!! She does not want to miss one single bit of action, so she has started fighting her sleep. She is not fussing, she just will not close those eyes. Today, (Sunday, Father's Day) Brian and I both started trying to put her down right after church. She totally missed her morning nap, because there was WAY too much going on in the nursery to sleep. So, this afternoon we thought for sure she would sleep the day away. Well, no such luck! She just played all afternoon, when at 5 o'clock I layed her in the cradle. She fought and fought until finally she rolled herself from her stomach to her back and I guess wore herself out from the 30 minutes of trying to roll over. She slept like that for about 45 minutes and now she is up and at it again...playing away! I thought this pic was too cute, because Brian and I were entertained for a long while just watching her work and work, she was grunting and getting up on all fours, and grabbing those spindles until she wore herself out!

Happy Father's Day....she is sporting her Daddy's Atwood Construction hat! I have a feeling this will be the only time that she is wearing her Daddy's work hat...but we take it when we can get it, right?!

She had a big time in her Aunt Mary Lou's pool with her Uncle Tom and Aunt LaLa

Uncle Tom was doing his best to get her to kick. She loved the water. If it just wasn't for that BRIGHT SUNSHINE! Thanks Tom and Laura for swimming with my baby, and an even bigger THANK YOU to Mary Lou and Jerry for having us over!

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Macy and Lucy said...

Happy 1st Father's Day to Brian!! Looks like ya'll had a great weekend!!

I will talk to you this week...we are planning our mini va-ca to Senatobia!!