Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lilly Whitten is 4 months old

This is Lilly today at 4months old

This is Lilly at two weeks

I can't believe how much my baby has grown and changed. Where as the time gone? It doesn't seem like its been four months. I guess time does fly when you are having fun. It has been a blast! She went Monday for her 4 month check-up and she weighed 15lbs and 6oz and was 241/2 inches long. She has really filled out the past two months, and we have ourselves chuncky baby for sure!! She is such a great baby and we are very blessed!


Macy and Lucy said...

I want to get my hands on that little cutie-patootie!! So do Macy and Lucy :) We'll be fighting over her!!

The Brennan's said...

Such a cutie! I know you are having so much fun. Miss you!