Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Trip to Maryland!

Lilly and her cousin Kyle...he is coming to get her!

How cute is this?! Kyle and Lilly. Kyle just turned one, so he was into a lot more things than laying on the floor, but he did venture down there one time to check out his cousin! He is the absolute cutest thing...I just wanted to squeeze him all day long!

Lilly had her first plane ride experience this past weekend. We went to Maryland to see Brian's mom, Grammy, and the rest of his family. Lilly was quite a hit. She met aunts and uncles and cousins and she met her Great Grandma. That was very special for everyone. We had such a great time visiting family. Thank you to EVERYONE for being so sweet and giving Lilly such a warm welcome into the family. She is one blessed little girl. Thanks, especially to Brian's mom, Miss Pam for sharing her grandbaby with the rest of the family!

Lilly and her cousins, Amy and Nicki
Lilly and her Aunt Jamie, Brian's oldest sister

Okay, the picture above is of Lilly and her great Aunt Shirley, and the picture below is of Lilly and her great Uncle Buck...he is married to Shirley. I have to just give a shout out to these two people because they are truly the most positive and bravest two people I know.
Shirley is visually impaired, but that does not stop her...her loving husband Buck is there for her all the time and helps her tremendously and get this... they do all kinds of bike riding races together. They also run in races together and Shirley was once on the cover of Runner's World magazine. They are amazing. Being around them is so refreshing and really helps me put my priorites back in order! They were so sweet to Lilly this weekend. They love her so of course anyone who loves my little one that much is on the A list with me!

Lilly meeting her great grandmother for the first time...Grandma McDaniel

Lilly and her great Aunt Betty...we love Aunt Betty!
Lilly and Grandma having a little fun on the back deck!
Lilly found a great new friend in Uncle Michael. He is married to Brian's sister Kristy! He had Lilly mesmerized all weekend long. They are friends for life for sure. When there little boy, Riley, gets here in September she will have some competition!

Lilly meeting her Aunt Kristy, Brian's younger sister and cousin Mikeyla for the first time!


Macy and Lucy said...

So much fun!! That is such a sweet story about Brian's aunt and sweet it almost made me cry!

There are 3 girls here that are about to bust to get our hands on Lily. We've got to work out something...I will call you this weekend!!

Love you!

Todd Joni and Anna Todd said...

Lilly is such a beautiful baby! I love looking at all her great pictures..U r as camera happy as me. Love her all you can and know that I am trusting in the Lord. Anna Todd is in eternity with HIM!