Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sitting Up, Baby Food and My Baby Doll!

My little Lilly turned 5 months old Saturday and it has been a whole new world for her. She spent the weekend with my parents and when she left on Friday she was not sitting up...AT ALL and when she came back Sunday she was sitting up...Amazing. She is so proud of herself, as you can see in the pic above!

And then there is BABY FOOD...well I can tell you this, the child likes the spoon the you can see above. So far we have tried cereal, applesauce, pears and bananas.
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BANANAS WINS....she is actually opening her mouth for this. She usually rares back in that seat and WILL NOT open her mouth. Brian fed her bananas yesterday and I did today and it has been a hit...YAY!

She loves her bibs...I have to let her look at it and chew on it before we even start, because she is so infatuated with the bright colors!!
For the above picture and the next two, I really wish you all could see in person.
She LOVES this baby doll. I had one just like this when I was a little girl, and her name is New Baby (not sure why) my mom got her out when Lilly was just a few weeks old. She has really grown to love it. When we go over there we show her the baby and she touches it and looks so intently at her. I always think its sweet and my mom just thinks its the best thing!!
So, Sunday, this nice lady gives me a present and says this is for Lilly. I open it up see the doll and think how sweet, she will love this one day. So, my mom brings her home from the weekend, she sees the box and opens it. My mom gets all excited and says, "Oh Sara Whitten, Lilly is going to be so excited, its her very own New Baby!" I am not near as excited and just say, "Yes, isn't that such a sweet gift?!" Mom procedes to take the baby over to Lilly, she shows it to her and Lilly JERKS those two fingers that she is sucking on out of her mouth and starts panting like a puppy and reaching for that baby doll. It was GREAT! She LOVES it...the other night she was fussy and Brian went and grabbed it and put it in front of her and she immediately quit and started I guess she is her mother's child...she loves a BABY!!!

Thanks for sharing our blessing with us!
I would also covet your prayers for me, Brian and Lilly. I go back to teaching school Monday, August 3. As if that would not be an adjustment enough, we found out yesterday that our sitter that we have had lined up since March fell and broke her hip. We are so sad that this happened to "Miss Pee Wee". We want her to heal and get better soon, but we are in a bind about who is going to keep Lilly Whitten. Please pray for the healing of Miss Pee Wee, of course; but also that we will make the right decisions concerning Lilly and that God will lead us to the right people and in a hurry!!!:)


Julie Nolte Owen said...

Thanks for sharing Lilly's accomplishments! The story and photos give us all such a good window into her little life!

I start back at school on August 4th and school starts on the 11th. I've been trying to get all of those projects done this week around the house.

I'll keep your sitter search in my prayers.

The Brennan's said...

I can't believe she's sitting up! She is such a doll. We'll keep ya'll in our prayers. Good luck!

Mandy said...

The baby doll story is the sweetest ever! I LOVE it! I had a baby doll (Dolly Dolly) very similar to New Baby--must have been the style back then. She is still at my parents' with with one eye and coloring all over her. Lilly just keeps getting cuter. What a happy girl!! Can not believe she is sitting up already!

I am so sorry to hear about Miss PeeWee and will be praying for y'all!

love you bunches,

The Rives said...

Isn't is amazing how fast they grow and how much they change. It seems like you just had Lilly yesterday! By the way, I love the baby doll. I had the same one when I was little and her name was Sarah.

I'll be thinking about you next week. Going back to work was so emotional for me, but within a week we were in our new routine and all was well. I'm sure you and Lilly will both do great!

Macy and Lucy said...

You know I am thinking of ya'll...and you know I would have brought that sweet baby home with me to keep...but you would probably never get her back :)

You are in my thoughts and prayers for sure this week...I am thinking of you!! It will be o.k.!!