Sunday, August 23, 2009

Daily Stuff, 2 Birthdays and our visit to Nashville!

Lilly and Anna Lauren are so funny together. They are having a big time with each other. They are finally realizing that they can play with each other and that when Sam, the great babysitter, has one that means the other one is not being held at the moment....they don't like that!! She took these pictures Friday! I thought they were too cute....

Happy Birthday Betsy! We all love you so very much! I can't believe that my Bets is 15. It seems like just yesterday that she was a "chunky monkey" just like Lilly. I started keeping Betsy and her two older brothers when she was just a newborn. I love her like she is my own. She has surely given me lots of practice at motherhood!

Happy Birthday Taylor! We all went to see GI Joe and to dinner for Tay man's birthday. The babies did great! Now getting all three to cooperate at the same time for a picture was not so great. I think that Robin has a better one. They are all so cute, I had to share.
Here we all are at Texas Roadhouse for Taylor's birthday dinner. Lizzie and Lee Taylor Jackson are holding Lilly. Tay turned 7...what a big boy he is!! We all had so much fun celebrating the big birthday! We love you Taylor!

We took off on Friday and drove to Nashville to visit Aunt My!! She was doing a little begging and pleading for us to bring Lilly. She was having some withdrawals from "her baby" she said! It was a great quick trip. Myra and Lilly had some quality time together, the weather was gorgeous so we strolled in Hillsboro Village, had lunch at Jackson's with my great friend Andrea and then had a quiet evening at home. to get things ready for the week. It is never ending, but wanted to take time to share the past 9 days with all of our faithful friends and family! We love you and miss you!

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The Brennan's said...

I can't believe how big Lilly has gotten. She is such a doll! I know you are enjoying every minute with her. Hope to see you when we're back in September!