Sunday, September 6, 2009

A FUN weekend with lots of pictures!

Lilly LOVES taking baths in the sink. She just loves taking a bath PERIOD. I think that she could sit in that water all day! She took two or three sink baths this weekend. Daddy likes to give her those after changing her dirty diapers!!

Lilly has not been quite her laid back self this past week. She has been getting over a double ear infection, 6 month shots and is teething. She has needed LOTS of TLC this week and has done a lot of sleeping on our chests. I love watching her and Brian lounging in the recliner. It's a precious site!

We loaded up Saturday morning and went to Tunica for the day. The adults went to the dove field for a few hours, while Lilly stayed with her Maimie(my mom). Above is a pic of her and Uncle Tom, my brother, after coming in from the field!

Lilly got in some quality time with her Uncle Sterl and Aunt Cherie on Saturday, too. It was a treat to see them and to get a good visit in!

Lilly and Maimie LOVE to stroll! The above two pictures are at my mom and dad's house. strolling up and down their driveway!

I thought this picture was HYSTERICAL. She thinks that she is such a big girl. We put her in a high chair for the first time today at lunch. She did good for a little while and then just got tired trying keep herself in there!!
She looked so cute today in her "Sunday Best". She dresses well to go sit in that nursery for 2 hours!


Macy and Lucy said...

Look at that sweet angel :) What a beautiful "Sunday Best" outfit!!

Loving the picture of her and her twin (Uncle Tom)!

Anonymous said...

The tag under that first picture should read "Am I cute, or what?" She is SO darling. I just love all the pictures.

Love, Aunt Betty

Webb, John Allen and Erin said...

I miss her to pieces!!! When are yall going to make it back over here?!?!?!BRING IT!!! :~)