Saturday, September 19, 2009

Visiting Friends, Playing and Meeting Great Grand-pa

Okay, so we spent the afternoon and early evening Saturday, with our wonderful friends Laurie and Justin Brennan, Derric and Carrie Curran and Leslie and Phillip Nobile. Laurie and Justin are here from Texas and it was fun getting everyone together. We are not sure EXACTLY what upset Lilly so bad, but she did not like whatever Campbell had to say! It was so bizarre because it just came out of nowhere. This was at the end of the visit, so we are chalking it up to "we are really tired" and moving on! We are going to try putting these two together again VERY soon! We had so much fun! Thanks for the great company...and GO BULLDOGS!
Callie, Kinsley and Colby entertained Lilly for the longest time. She loves the "big" kids!

Lilly and Campbell meeting for the first time. Of course Lilly greets her with three toys in her hand and two fingers in her mouth!!

Lilly loves to pull over the basket on our floor at home and pull each toy out one by one. Some days she is in to it more than others and on this day she was really getting after it. It is so cute.
See...she is intense!

Her favorite toy right now is this purple telephone. She goes for it first, everytime. It really scares Brian that she likes that phone SO VERY MUCH! He is hoping she is getting her love of phones in early and it will not be an issue in about 15 years, but I just think that it is a sign of what is to come!!

What a treat we had this past week. Brian's grandfather, Walter Atwood, came to visit us. He lives in Tallahasee, Florida and was on his way back from Maryland. He spent two nights with us and it was such a special visit. How amazing it was to see he and Lilly playing on the floor together. She had a blast and so did Grandpa! He is such an amazing man to do all he does at 80. Nothing stops him!!

She met her great-grandpa....he picked her up and in 10 minutes she was fast asleep in his arms. How blessed Lilly is to have so many people love her. Thanks for coming to visit, Grandpa, We LOVE you!
The STATS: Lilly Whitten Atwood
Age: will be 7 months Friday
Weight 18lbs 6oz
Height - 27 inches
She has her 2 bottom teeth. She is sitting up VERY well, not crawling, but getting on all fours and rocking back and forth. She will be very mobile very soon, I do believe! She is eating baby food, but not a big fan....she started clapping her hands this week.


Shannon said... very sweet!! I think she needs to see Macy and Lucy soon :)

Libby said...

She is just too cute. When are ya'll going to bring her down to visit. Craig would love to see her - and ya'll too of course. I sure do miss ya'll. come visit

The Brennan's said...

It was so fun getting to see you again! Lilly is beautiful and you are a wonderful little mama! Keep posting pictures of her for me!

mizcurran said...

How precious! We had a blast with y'all Saturday. I wish we got together more is too busy. Take care of that "big" girl. Campbell promises to not make her cry next visit!