Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Catching up on Blogging!

Lilly with Russ Whiteside. I just love this picture of him holding her. Russ and I have been great friends since MSU and now he has a little girl just 7 months older than Lilly and they live right around the corner from us. What a small world! the goal has been to get this shot of Lilly in Ty's Chief's jersy for a while now. Stacy and I thought it would be great to get it from the back with her looking over her shoulder, we captured the moment, but poor Ty was MAD as a hornet! Not to mention that Lilly looks just like a boy with that jersy on!

The days of Lilly sleeping on our chests are few and far between. This night I just held her for a while and enjoyed the moment. Thanks to my Betsy for snapping this picture of us.
Lilly went to Trick or Treat at her buddy Ty Young's house. She was a Mermaid and he was a puppy dog. She was much more excited to see him than he was to see her! They were cute together in their Halloween costumes!

This is our Little Mermaid "swimming"

The only place that we REALLY "trick or treated" was to DD's house. She had a great "goody" bag for Lilly. It was so cute to see her getting things out of the bag. One thing in the bag was this flash light...she LOVES it. She held on to it all night and even was holding on to it as we entered the church nursery this morning. Thanks DD...we can't wait to trick or treat at your house next year!! We love you!

We had a get together last Saturday night for our friend Jake's birthday. He turned one, so the adults celebrated by cooking out and watching football. We had a cake and ice cream for the little guy too. I have plenty of video of the birthday boy, but no still shots! I did manage to get a few of Lilly as the night got later. She loves playing with her Daddy.

She just laughs and laughs!!

I put her Daddy in charge while I walked next door, I came back and I found Lilly sitting on the floor in my den eating the messiest "teething biscuit". She had it all over her and everything else in the den. When we were still finding "pasty biscuit" on the chairs, couch and table three days later, he understood why we save those for the highchair ONLY!!
We are doing well, as you can see....VERY BUSY! It's hard to believe that our little girl is 8 months old! What a gift from above she is! Thanks for sharing in our Joy, by following our blog!

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Anonymous said...

You can tell how big she is getting in the picture of her in your lap! Love the updates and hope to see her again soon! xoxo
Aunt Kristy