Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Visit from Family, Beautiful Weather and Lilly can Dance!

Lilly was in Heaven for 5 days. Her Grammy and Aunt Jamie (Brian's mom and oldest sister)came to visit and showered her with all the love and attention an 8 month old can handle! She was so adored by them and had a great week. We love you Grammy and Aunt Jamie. Thanks for the visit and we will see you very soon!!

Aunt Sharon made Lilly her first "snuggly". All the Atwood/McDaniel family have them and Lilly just received her very first one with her name and birthday on it! I knew when I got my first "snuggly" that I was in GOOD with the Atwood/McDaniel family!! Thanks Aunt Sharon! We all love it....especially Lilly. It will be a gift that she will cherish forever and ever....the best kind! We hope to see you very soon and we love you!

Let me just say that for the middle of November the weather has been gorgeous. As I type its a little chilly, but the weekend was beautiful and we did our best to take advantage of it. Lilly has not quite mastered the outside yet, she puts all the leaves, bugs and grass right in her mouth. So, we have to keep her occupied. She had her first 4-wheeler ride with her Daddy and loved it! Brian was very happy that she loved it so much and has very high hopes that she will want her very own 4-wheeler one day....all I can say is the next Atwood baby better be a boy or poor Lilly has no hope!!

Our biggest fans came to enjoy the day with us on Saturday too. Betsy, Lee Taylor, Lizzie and Mary Brooks came over to play with Lilly. They love Lilly and Lilly loves them. They are all so good to her, and we are so blessed to have them come over and play with her all the time!

So, Friday night one of my oldest and dearest friends, Andrea McNeil Davis, came to the Hollywood Cafe in Tunica. We planned a surprise 40th birthday party for her brother and THEY were the band. It was a great time and it was so wonderful to be able to spend time with her, her husband and their precious little boy. Oh, how I miss my oldest and dearest friends!!

Lilly LOVED the band. She has just started moving a little to the beat when songs are playing on TV and she has always loved music, but Friday night, she really came out of her shell and showed us all that THIS BABY CAN DANCE. She started moving that foot and bouncing in her high chair, so I thought maybe she will like it if I take her closer. Next thing I knew she was coming out of my arms and she crawled right up to that stage and would still be there if I had allowed it!

There is Miss Lilly Whit, DANCING and BALANCING all at the same time=too cute!
What a BUSY few days we have had, but what's new!? Our life is crazy and busy but we love it! I am looking forward to a break from everyday life, though! THANKSGIVING can't get hear fast enough for me! This mama is tired!!


Shannon said...

Oh Sara Whitten!! She is getting too big!! Precious, precious, precious. And that smocked long must have thought of me when you saw it =) It is just darling!!!

I hope you are doing have so been on my mind lately...not that you aren't always, I have just been really thinking about you and hoping all is well!!

My said...

Oh-- I'm so glad our baby loves music and dancing and 4-wheelers. COOLEST BABY EVER!!