Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve Photos, Santa Clause & Betsy and Lilly!

Christmas Eve is a very busy late afternoon and night for my family. We all meet at church for a communion service at 5 and then we go to a wonderful Christmas Eve party at my Cousin Penn and Norma's house with my mom's side of the family and other friends. We have a great time seeing everyone, and this year was especially great because Lilly made her debut for the first time. She did great! She was passed from person to person...and later I found out that she had a whole lemon square (thanks to her Uncle Tom) and about a liter of sprite (thanks to my daddy) Whatever works...right!!???

Lilly and her Aunt My before going to Cousin Penn's Party!
My mom, dad and Lilly....her Mamie and Boo!

We opened presents with our Betsy before we left for Tunica on Christmas Eve...Lilly did not quite know what to think about all of that paper....and she wanted so much to EAT IT....and could not understand why we would not let her! We call her our little BILLY GOAT because that is all she wants to do is eat paper!
Lilly had the opportunity of visiting with Santa Clause 3 different times this year! She did great everytime, she was always very serious when she was in his lap.
I have lots more pictures to post from Christmas day! Stay tuned....they will be up this week! We had a FABULOUS Christmas with our family and friends. God is so good...ALL THE TIME! I was reminded in so many ways why I love my family so much and how thankful I am for them all! Merry Merry to you all!!
Love the Atwood's!

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