Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Time!

There she is....I had the camera handy when she speedily crawled over to the tree to grab the favorite star ornament and it went straight in her mouth!

Lilly ran into two of her very best friends when we went to take pictures with Betsy before the Christmas dance. Ty, has a brother Betsy's age and Eliza has a sister her age too. Lilly was very intrigued with Eliza's hair decor. Eliza finally just took it off her head and gave it to Lilly! it was very sweet!
She is waving to all the crazy people looking at her and taking her picture!

Betsy, Sara Whitten and Lilly posing in front of the Christmas tree!

Betsy and Lilly Whit, before Betsy's Christmas Dance at Magnolia Heights!


Laura Withers said...

Aw! Bet Bet looks so pretty for the Christmas Dance!!! Of course Lilly Whit is a cutie, too. :)
~Aunt LaLa

Anonymous said...

Hello From Ms. Rose and Mr. Chuck in Pasadena, MD!!! Don't ask me how I came upon this site, but I did and was hoping I would find Brian. We think of him so often and am glad to see he has a wonderful, beautiful family! I hope precious Lilly will have the memories that we have of her Daddy so many years ago! If you can, please email at and let us know how the family is doing. We miss all of you and hope everyone is doing wonderfully well! Take good care and Happy New Year!
Love, Ms. Rose and Mr. Chuck