Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trip to Maryland, Meeting Riley Dean

We had a great time visiting Brian's family. His mom and three sisters were there whole time and we also had a get together with many aunts, uncles and cousins that we only see once a year! The picture above is of Lilly and Brian's mom, Grammy, walking together on the gorgeous day that we had in Maryland!

Lilly and her cousin Riley at the farm where Brian's sister lives! It is beautiful, and Lilly had so much fun looking at the horses. Of course, when she saw them she barked like a dog. Right now she thinks all animals make the barking sound, I guess we need to start introducing the other animals and their sounds!!!

Lilly with her Grammy, Aunt Jamie and Aunt Shelly!

They took me out to eat for my birthday. It was an AWESOME place, and it would have been perfect if we had left the babies AT HOME! Goodness knows it was crazy keeping them calm and contained! Lilly kept reaching for the lemons and we finally gave in and gave her one! We thought it would be very short lived when she put her mouth to it, but SHE LOVED IT! It was hysterical. She was literally taking huge bites out of it. She was biting off the peel and all, and cried when we took it away from her!

What a fun day we had when all the aunts, uncles, grandmas and cousins got together for the day. Thanks Aunt Jamie for having everyone at your home! It was so great to have everyone together. Lilly was reintroduced to her cousin Kyle and this time she could actually "play" with him. Last visit, he was running around and she was not even sitting up yet!! The above picture is of her being totally into whatever he did all day! He is precious and for sure got the best kid award that day!!! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU KYLE, AND YOUR SWEET MAMA AND DADDY!

So we tried to get the three babies together for a great pic of each one looking at the camera with all smiles!! YEAH RIGHT! We quickly learned that the only one who would cooperate was Kyle. Poor Riley is just too little to sit up and Lilly was just being a big PILL!! This is the BEST one we got. It is pretty cute, even though it's not the look we were going for! Welcome to dealing with babies and toddlers!

The rest of the blog is dedicated to RILEY JAMES DEAN. We were so excited to finally meet him in person! What an absolute DOLL he is. Of course we fell in love with our little nephew and we are a very proud aunt and uncle! Above is a picture of he and Lilly in a motorized truck that is at the farm for all the many children. They both loved being in it, and Riley already knows just what to do at 6 months of age!!

Lilly loved her cousin so much and this is her giving Riley "love".

Riley sporting the best looking bib in the world. Of course his Aunt Whitty gave it to him, but his mama is proud to put it on him, because she went to Mississippi State as well. So I have at least two in my corner now for the DAWGS!

There he is again being so good and calm. He was such a trooper all week. He was so much fun and would just laugh and grin at you all the time!

I have more pictures to post. We had some visitors one day, the sweet twins of our good friend Paula. So next week I will post about our visit with them along with seeing two of Lilly's favorite girls, Macy and Lucy Willcutt! Stay tuned!


Shannon said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! I am so glad we got see spend some time with ya'll on Friday! We love you and sweet Lilly so much!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what great pictures!! I just love the one of the 3 of them together. SO CUTE!! Loved seeing you guys and wish I could have come over more ... maybe next time. Lilly and those blue eyes just melted my heart. Love, Aunt Betty