Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing Macy and Lucy, Meeting the Pare twins and Some more of Maryland!

We found some time on the very end of our Spring Break to squeeze in a quick visit with one of my DEAREST friends in the whole world and her sweet, sweet girls. Lilly loves Macy and Lucy and they love her. It's so amazing to me how the Lord threw Shannon into my world and then ABRUPTLY took her out. I was really so mad at her and God for so long, because I missed her so much. She would mail me things to my MSU post office box, and I can remember crying all the way back to my dorm room because I wanted her at MSU with me! I am over all of that now...God healed my broken heart and she is now back in my life with her precious family! Thanks, Shannon, for all that you do for me. Summer will be here soon and I can't wait to PLAY!!

The "girls" in Maryland...Jessie, Kristy, Shelly, Jamie and Sara Whit

We met the baby Pare twinson our visit. Thank you, Paula for loading up your crew to visit us! They are so totally adorable and tiny. It is so hard to believe that Lilly was this small once...just 10 months ago....TIME FLIES. They are doing so great now, after a few bumps in the road! Above is baby Broc. He is the bigger baby boy. He just snoozed and snoozed that entire visit!

Jamie and Broc again...he is still snoozing!

Kristy with her little man, Riley and the tiny tiny man, Garrett! He was the more vocal baby that day. He is so tiny, but he lets you know that he is in the world. Look at all that precious hair. Talk about CUTE STUFF!!
HA HA...this picture cracks me up, because I was trying to introduce Lilly to baby Garrett. We were telling her that this could be her boyfriend and he would need a sweet Southern Belle, that was older, of course. She FOR SURE looks older...maybe on the next visit, they will be a better match! He is too cute!!
Aunt Shelly with her neice and her nephew. We WORE her out...we took FULL advantage of the fact that she works 5 days a week for 8 hours at a DAYCARE from the 8 week - 12 month room!! HA HA....Kristy and I just had no worries when we handed them off to her! It was such a good feeling, and we really thought that she needed all the bonding time she could get with her neice and nephew! We love you, Shelly!


Shannon said...

I am crying right now...seriously, I am REALLY crying. I know all of that happened for a had to have. Like my father-in-law had to have happened the way it happened because everything happens just the way God wants it to happen. I love you, my dear friend! You are one of the sweetest graces of God that He has put in my life.

Anonymous said...

Love the updates!! Great pic of Shelly w/ her fav neice and nephew! Can't wait for Riley and Lilly to meet again! :)

Aunt Kristy

Tony, Paula, Murphy & Cosmo said...

Thank you for letting us meet Lilly and it is always great seeing you all too!! I can wait for the boys to meet thier future southern belle again. :)