Sunday, May 9, 2010

The New Addition, Sand and Random Pics

Yes, call me CRAZY...I know that I was not far from it before we became the owners of a puppy, but I am sure in a couple of weeks that I will be certifiable. This, by the way, was NOT my idea. If you know me at all, you know that I am not particuarly fond of animals. I like to look at them and that's about it. This furry little girl dog, that we finally named Abby, is the offspring of our lab, Gunner. So, my lovely husband was bound and determined to have a puppy. Gunner is his pride and joy, so it did not matter that we are up to our necks with work, the house, the yard, the church and lest we forget our sweet and precious 14 month old who NEVER stops....OH MY....just typing this almsot sends me over. So far, Abby has not too bad. We are trying our best to keep her outside. But the second she chews something up....You all will be hearing about it!! Lilly had the best time Saturday afternoon playing at her twin friends Hayden and Piper Brown's house. She probably got the dirtiest that she has ever been that afternoon! This picture is only the beginning!!
Her good buddy and next door neighbor, Jake, was there too and it is so funny how they just found each other with all the other little kids around and played together. He found the sand first of course and then Lilly jumped right in. She loved took her a while to get all the way in the box. As you can see she is easing into it!!

Lilly has just recently, like in the last few days, taken a great "liking" to this pink oversized blanket. I do think that it is sweet that she likes it so much, but I do wish that it was one of the smaller ones that are just like this one....but NO, she always goes back to this one! Oh well! We are not totally attached yet....when she sees it, she wants it, but other than that we are good! I had to post this picture to explain the blanket, but also to show off those cute thighs!!!

Lilly LOVES going to her Mamie and Boo's house on Tuesday. They always have the best time and she comes back FILTHY!!! She and Boo are having a great time swinging together on the swing in my parent's backyard.

And this would be the reason that she is so dirty when she gets home from the Grandparent's house...she plays in the dirt and with the dogs ALL DAY!!

And to me there is nothing sweeter and cuter than a sleeping baby...a chunky sleeping baby at that...Lilly usually wakes up about 5 every morning. I need to be up by six, so I put her in the bed with us for that last hour. She and her Daddy always get in about another hour before they get's a sweet time for them!

Thanks to all who have been praying for Madysen Acey. She is doing better, but with a long, VERY LONG, recovery ahead of her. She is still in Cincinatti at the Burn Center and will be there for few more weeks. Please keep praying for her, her mom and little brother. We all have so much to be thankful for....GOD IS GOOD!!!

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The Brennan's said...

I know we will all be updated on the dog...good luck! FYI Kinsley still drags around her entire COMFORTER from her crib so if Lilly is getting attached, you better get ready. Love all the pics. I don't think she could get any cuter.