Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome Anderson, The Zoo and The Rain

Welcome Johnston "Anderson" Schoggin! 7lbs. 1oz, 201/2 inches. Everyone is doing great. Lilly even had the chance to meet Anderson on his 2nd day in the world! Lilly loves her MoMo, so when we walked in the room the first thing she did was reach for her. Sweet Momo just reached her arms out to hold her and they just sat on her bed together for the visit! Lilly was extremely jealous when either me or Monica held the baby. She is not the only one anymore, so this will be her first lesson of life not being fair!
Brian's mom and sister, Jamie, are in town so we decided to head to the Memphis Zoo for an afternoon. I wasn't exactly sure how Lilly would do, but she had the best time and exceeded all my expections. She would point and laugh and talk to them in her own language that we call, Lillynese!! It was too cute. Some of her favorites were the monkeys, sea lions, pandas and the ducks. In fact, every animal we saw that had feathers she pointed to it and said, "duck" Every animal that had fur she would point to it and say, "hey Bubba". Bubba is my mom and dad's dog that she ADORES! Every dog is Bubba, even the two that live with her!

It was 94 degrees on June 3, but Lilly did not seem to mind one bit. I can't say the same for Grammy, Aunt Jamie and Mama! We were worn out!

The Pandas were GREAT...they would walk right up to the window and Lilly would just laugh at them. She wanted so bad to pet them. She would hit the glass and whine like she wanted to go inside!
Lilly watching so attentively and loving every minute of it!
Lilly with her Aunt Jamie who made the Zoo trip possible!! Thank you Aunt Jamie for taking me to the zoo and for my pet stuffed lion named, Louie! I love you, Lilly

Memorial Day was sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. Lilly does not understand that when it rains you do not go outside. So, after lots of breakdowns at the front door, we all gave in and we went outside. She was content loving on Abby, her knew puppy for a little while!

Look at the soaking wet bottom! She loves dogs, I tell ya, LOVES them!

Lilly and Grammy swinging together on the Porch. Lilly and Grammy have had some serious bonding time. Grammy came to town last Wednesday and then Brian and I left her from Thursday to Sunday night with Lilly. They had a ball together!

Eating DIRT...her favorite thing to do!!

Her Daddy taught her about all the fun of a mud puddle. So she splashed around for a little while and then decided that she would just sit right on down and play. That Lilly bug had a great time on our rainy afternoon!


The Brennan's said...

I love the picture of you and Lilly at the zoo! Give Monica and Anderson a big hug from us!

Marla said...

Sara Whit! Love to see pics of your fam!

leemeandthegirls said...

I didn't even know Monica was pregnant! So happy for her. And Lilly is ADORABLE! So good seeing you last week. :)
MIss you much, McCall

Shannon said...

I am wanting to see me some Sara Whitty and Lilly-poo. Bad!! Love you!! I hope ya'll are having a fabulous summer!!