Monday, June 14, 2010

A busy week!

Lilly had another visit with Anderson this week. She was a little bit more tolerant of him. She wanted to give him "love" a lot and at times gave a little too much. This is Lilly checking him out! And this is Lilly getting a little closer to the one who has come in and stolen her thunder!! She wanted MoMo and Uncle Andy to hold her most of the time we were there and was okay with her Daddy holding Anderson. We love baby Anderson so much and I know that Lilly will be in total love with him very soon as well!
Lilly was quite intrigued with Anderson's room. She wanted in his bed and would not get out of it. I don't why all of a sudden she is "all about" his room, because she is there at least once a week! It was pretty funny!

Daddy Brian holding little Anderson. Maybe one day he can hold his on baby boy!!

We went to a birthday party this weekend for my friend April's little girl Avery! She was one and we ran into Kate while we were there! Kate was my team teacher this year and it was a great year spending it with her. I miss her terribly and will miss her next year. She is going to leave those middle schoolers behind and see what 3rd graders are like. She loves Lilly and it was great to be able to hang out with her for a little while!

Lilly has been having quite a few play dates with her friends Hayden and Piper Brown. They are twins and they look nothing alike. They are exactly a year older than Lilly, but they play together really well. As you can see in the picture below....she is having a large time at the table! She always eats really good stuff while she is over there!

Lilly loves ducks, and Hayden and Piper have ducks on the pond in their back yard. So, needless to say, Lilly is in Heaven!! There she is sticking that head through the wrought iron fence hoping one of those ducks will get close to her!

Lilly, Piper and Hayden feeding the ducks! I absolutely LOVE this picture. Thanks to our AWESOME babysitter Sam, who takes pictures of Lilly and her friends while I am gone. I love to look at my camera and see what went on that day!!

Pop Pop, Brian's Dad, came over on Sunday for Brian's birthday! Lilly, of course, had to get him to read to her. I think that they both loved it!!

Brian had a birthday on Sunday, June 6. He turned 35 and I know that it was a special day, because he had so many family members in town. His mom and sister, dad and step mom were all here to celebrate. Of course, the usuals, Betsy and our neighbors were there as well. Betsy insisted that we put 35 candles on the cake. Bets left for camp for a whole month on Saturday, so we are going to miss her!!

Lilly with her Daddy opening his presents. He got a new pair of flip flops for the summer!!

Myra popped in for a day visit last Saturday. We got to spend a few hours with her before she went off to her next adventure. She and Lilly had a great time, as usual. The picture below is just one of their funny momnets they had to together. Lilly loved wearing sunglasses like her Aunt My....

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