Sunday, August 15, 2010

It has been a busy three weeks since the beach....we got back and I hit the ground running. I FINALLY got a job...5 days before school started. God is good and He ALWAYS provides. I am teaching 5th grade this year...all's going to be a tough year. I need all the prayers I can get. I am at Horn Lake Intermediate School. I have to be there at 7a.m. each morning. It's a long day, but I am adjusting!
Lilly loves going to see Anna Lauren everyday and we all love our new babysitter. Once again, God provided and it is GOOD!
Lilly loves watching her daddy cook....I said daddy, because he lets her get all in it with him. Being the clean freak that I am....I generally don't let her rub raviolli all over her!
From the looks of the picture below...she is going to be a much better cook than her mama! For my readers out there that know me REALLY would be proud, I am doing much better with my cooking these days. My husband would even agree!

Do you think that Lilly wants a baby? I don't know about one coming to actually live with us, but I know one thing, she loves a baby....she is sitting with our friend Paige and they are loving on the newest addition in our circle of friends, Will Prince!

Jake and Lilly went to a birthday party for their good friend Langston this weekend. It was outside with a great big, fun swing set with a sand box and a water slide. They both went back and forth from sand to water....busy little bees they are! And ALWAYS right behind the other!

They found the water hose...Jake is loving spraying Lilly!

Having so much fun with the hose!
Aubrey Claire and Lilly are such fun friends. I don't know what I would do without sweet Aubrey. She is so sweet to Lilly and so good with her. Her mama and daddy are such good friends to us. We like to just relax with each other on the weekends, with pizza and good conversation. We always end the night with the girls getting their baths together!

I thought Lilly loved her birthday cake, but this little muffin, had a BLAST digging into hers! This was truly one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. I wish everyone could have witnessed this....this pic just does not do it justice! We love you, Anna Clay! I can't believe that you are 1.

It's so hard to believe that Anna Clay has caught up with Lilly. This is the first time they have been together when they are both walking and able to play with each other. It is just amazing at how that happens. One minute Lilly is doing everything she can to get her out of that swing and now Anna Clay is thinking..."I am not so sure that I want Lilly in my car."

So, we were a little busy this weekend...with two birthday parties and then a Sunday School cook-out....Jake, Lilly and Lucy played so hard outside and then came in to chow down! Check out those sweaty little faces and hair!

Addison, Aubrey, Lilly, Molly and Lucy...having fun at the cook out!

Shew...I did not know how truly busy we had been until I just typed all of that. We stay busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Our family and friends are what makes us so happy!
Thanks for checking in on the Atwood Family...all of our love to all of our readers!
Sara Whit, Brian and Lilly Whit

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The Mazingo Family said...

So cute, Sara Whit!! Lily is getting so big!! She is so adorable!