Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bow Head, Early Morning Riser and a Hot Weather Camp Out!

Lilly loves to wear her bows, and many of them at once, but of course not when she is supposed to wear them. She loves to collect them all up, bring them to me one at a time and have me put them in all in her hair!
So, as you all know, I wake at 5 a.m. and I am gone by 6....most mornings! Lilly and her daddy are usually still snoozing when I leave the house. On this particular morning, Lilly decided that she was going to get up with me! Daddy was not feeling like the early riser, so I did everything that I could to keep her occupied....on top of the sink with all of the q-tips seemed to work. That face is what is making me laugh these days....even though it is her I am doing something that I really know I should not be doing face!

There is the other.....I am not being a little angel face!
I also would like you to take now of the t-shirt that she has on. I was so excited when this appeared in her diaper bag after her trip to Tunica. Mom told me that "Miss" Patti had gotten it for Lilly. I had this same shirt when I was little and I remember wearing it until it was so thin that my mama finally made me throw it away. "Miss" Patti gave me my yello Turnrow Cowboys shirt too, so this is extra special! The Turnrow Cowboys is a local band that has been playing for years. Miss Patti is the lead singer and my Uncle Sterl played with them for years as well. They are a for sure family favorite. I am so happy that Lilly is going to be able to listen to them too. She has the best the stage....dancing away to the music!
Taylor, our neighbor, turned 8 this week and his party was Saturday night. It was a camp out. As I helped his mom set up for it all day, I started referring to it as the "HOT WEATHER CAMP OUT". Their is an annual event in Tunica each year, called the "Cold Weather Camp Out" that my brother attends and I always call him crazy. Camping in August is just as crazy! Needless to say, the boys didn't make it to the looked great though! Below are the great daddies with the two babies....Cliff and Jake and Brian and Lilly!

We did everything that you would do at a camp out and making smores was on the list! Martin Bell, who lives across the street is so sweet to Lilly. I call him our lifesaver. He is always coming over to play with her and finding things we leave outside....he made Lilly her very on smore and of course, she loved it!
I told you....she loved it. The rest of the night our face was looking "oh so lovely".

Jake has "passies" and Lilly is always trying to get them out of his mouth. Saturday night she found a stash of them and walked around with one in her mouth and one in each hand, just like he does! She is a mess...for sure!

Below is the birthday boy....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR! We love you!

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My said...

That "bow head" picture kills me. I mean, KILLS ME. Ahahahaha. Too cute. Also-- I want a Turnrow Cowboys T-Shirt! Did they print some more, or is that one old as me? I want one; I want one! Make it happen, please!