Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A visit from some Special Family!

As everyone knows, Brian is from Maryland and most of his family still lives there. We had a real treat with his mama, nephew and 3 sisters visiting us for a week. All of them traveled from Maryland except Brian's youngest sister, Shelly, and she flew in from South Carolina. The next several posts will be about our week with them. Many pictures were taken from many different cameras, so I am waiting to get all of those sent to me as well. I don't have tons to choose from, because my camera has been lost, but SO THANKFUL that I found it!!
Below is Brian's sister, Shelly (standing), Jamie and Riley, Brian's oldest sister and nephew, and Ms. Pam, Brian's mama holding Lilly!! Lilly decided that she was going to eat Grammy's cereal all by herself and with Grammy's spoon! She did quite well, but of course still managed to make a mess! Sorry, Grammy, that Lilly just took over. I know that you did not care one little bit! (Also, please excuse Lilly's wardrobe malfunction. I dressed her in this long sleeve t-shirt to play outside in the dirt. It's a little big and I noticed that one sleeve kept hanging down over her hand. Later I saw her pulling on that shirt and taking her arm out of the hole, she would not have that problem anymore. I did fix it a couple of more times, but she would always take it right out! She is such a little pistol.)
Aunt Jamie with her neice and nephew.
Shelly holding Riley and Kristy holding Lilly. Of course getting either of them to to smile, look at the camera or do both at the same time, was just not going to happen!!
I must say that Lilly and the camera were in sync for this picture! I absolutely love this one of the three of them. Riley is not looking at the camera, but he is looking at Lilly and I love that!!
Riley and Uncle Brian
Riley and Lilly giving each other "love". They were so cute together all week. They had there share of arguments, mainly Lilly trying to take over, but it was so sweet how they new that they were supposed to love each other becasue they are cousins!!
They loved to take all of the toys out of the cabinet and then crawl in it. Lilly would swing her head around and say "boo" when she say Riley.
There favorite spot!

Here is the beginning to some fun memories made. Thanks so much, Grammy, Aunt Jamie, Aunt KK, Riley and Aunt Shelly for making the trip down to see all of use!! We can't wait to see you again and the rest of the family in just two short months!
Love you all!
Sara Whit

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Anonymous said...

Gosh they are both SO cute in that toy cabinet! I know you all had a ball being together! I sure missed Ms. Pamela ... no one to email! Aunt Betty