Sunday, October 17, 2010

To the Farm

We all loaded up on Sunday afternoon and made a trip out to Cedar Hill Farm. They have a hayride that takes you to a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo and pony rides!! It was great fun for the little ones. They had a great time.
Lilly loved the pumpkins! I think that she walked by every single one and hit it. After she hit every one, then she sat on each one! STINKER....that is what she is....and that look proves it!
And that face too....look how wonderful she looks in her outfit. She blends so well in the pumpkins!! Thanks, Aunt LaLa for our beautiful pumpkin dress....we love it!!

Aunt LaLa met us at the farm and she and Lilly shared an Italian Ice. It was unusually HOT for an October day, so the Italian Ice treat was much enjoyed and needed!!

Lilly loves to "drive" things these days. She is all about getting behind the wheel of anything! I think Santa is going to need to bring her something with wheels for sure this Christmas. She saw this old train and she head straight for it!!

My child, the animal lover! She was in HEAVEN at the farm. She literally squealed at every animal she saw. She so did not get this from me....I do love horses though, so I am glad that she they did not scare her!! She loved petting the donkey!!

The baby goats loved her as much as she loved them!

She and Riley loved riding in the wagon. Notice the face that Lilly is making, along with her hand gestures? That would be her "excited" face! She came up with this all on her own, and when she is asked "Are you excited?", she does this crazy face and does that with her hands!!

Cedar Hill Farms was a great trip! I can't wait to take her next year. She is going to like it even more....Look for more updates, sooner than next week. We have had a busy week, so I have lots to post!!
Love to all,
Sara Whit

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