Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Maryland, Day 2, 3 and 4

Day 2 in Maryland. We stayed on the go. Riley and Lilly loved being with each other. Here are the two cousins with Brian. We are getting ready to hit the mall for a visit with Santa and a ride on the train.
Lilly loved the train and so did Riley when his mama was riding it with him. He tried riding it once with Uncle Brian and he did not like it near as much. Kristy and I decided that it was time for the mamas and the babies to go, so we did. We had a such a great time!
Grammy had her hands full all weekend. They both wanted her full attention, and poor Riley, between a bad stuffy nose and cutting teeth, he was not himself.
On Day 3 we headed to Build a Bear, where Aunt Jamie and Uncle Bret helped Riley and Lilly build their own bear. Lilly liked parts of it, but towards the end, got a little distracted. Here is a blurry picture of her giving her dog a heart. This was her favorite part. She took a heart right out of the box, said "heart" and pointed to hers. We told her to give her a dog a heart and she did. It was sweet.
Lilly and Aunt Jamie are deciding on the perfect clothes for her dog. They decided on the santa outfit. I thought it was fitting for the occasion. Christmas, she loves dogs and she was saying Santa every other word that week. So, Aunt Jamie and Lilly dressed her dog up as Santa.
And here is the crew with their "Build -a- Bears". Uncle Bret and Riley with, Bubba, the abominal snowman and Lilly with Santa Baby, the dog.
The night of Day 3 we did Christmas presents. Oh my, Santa in Maryland did WAY too much. How blessed these two babies are to have such a terrific Grammy and aunts. It did not take Lilly long to figure out the present unwrappying deal. She is very serious when it comes to unwrapping.
Here is Aunt KK, Riley, Aunt Whitty and Lilly after Santa came to Maryland! Oh my, the four of us were WORN OUT.
Day 4, we headed to Reagan National Airport to head home. Santa and Mrs. Clause were there and they were so jolly. They were just about to head back to the North Pole when we saw them. Lilly loved Santa by this time and did not want to leave him. She cried for him and called his name throughout the entire airport.
Miss Priss eating her happy meal before getting on our flight back to Mississippi. She did great on the plane. She loved the plane, the airport and the people.
Stay tuned to more Christmas, from Mississippi!

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