Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to All....Every Christmas Eve we dress up in our fancy clothes, go to the Christmas Eve Service at the church where I grew up, and then go to my cousins house for a very festive party. Here is the Atwood Family all dressed up and ready to go! What a blessed night it was, full of love and family!
Boo, Mamie and Lilly....I thought this one was too sweet. Lilly was being a "messpot" in these pictures. She is quite full of herself!
It look like SANTA came to the Atwood house and it looks like she was on the nice list. Look at all the good stuff!!
Lilly is a bit overwhelmed, so Daddy gets in the floor and helps her tear into her Christmas!
On Christmas morning we went next door to see what Santa brought for Taylor and Jake. Jake was SUPER excited about EVERYTHING. He was so cute. Lilly is opening her present from the boys and Jake is all into it, too. It's a Baby Alive and it sounds just like Lilly.
Lilly and Jake playing with his toys. We gave him the construction hat with the light on it and the MSU jersy. I guess we give gifts that we think they should like because they are truly not MSU fans and are not in the construction business, but we are both. I laughed when I thought about our gifts later. Oh well, so glad they are such great sports about it all. How thankful we are to have such great friends and neighbors.

Jake and Lilly in Jake's wagon. Jake has his construction hat on with his MSU jersy and has his laptop ready. He has also got Lilly in the wagon with him, look out LIL!! Oh, how I love those two little munckins!!
We left the Johnston's house and headed to Tunica to see the rest of the family. They were tapping their feet and drooling waiting on us to get there! Lilly, still did not know quite what to think. She was still really into the boxes and bows this year. She is very aware of what a present is and wants to do all that is involved to open it! She and Uncle Tom are checking out a tea set that she got from Mamie and Boo.

Aunt My showing Lilly the counting book about Nashville that she got Lilly. All the proceeds from the book go to the flood victims, and she is one so she put some pictures of her house and car in the back. Lilly is taking a break from riding her new tricycle to read with Aunt My.
Our cousins came over to see us that afternoon. Katherine was able to dress Lilly up in some of the dress up clothes that Aunt LaLa and Uncle Tom got her. Before Katherine and Josephine came over, Lilly was only interested in the cute box they came in. It just sometimes take some trained professionals in the dress up field to get Lilly on board.
This is not the best picture, because my camera decides when it is going to be blurry and when it is not going to be, but here are the cousins, Josephine, Katherine and John Redd and Lilly Whit. They belong to my cousin Mary Katherine. We spent many a Christmases in that house together! My how time flies!!

What a wonderful and blessed Christmas we had.

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