Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lilly's 1st Haircut

For a baby who was born with no hair at all, to last year at this time barely having any, Lilly's hair was getting out of control. Over Thanksgiving, her Aunt My had had enough, so she grabbed some scissors and snipped it right off. Everyone seemed to be glad the "rat tail" was gone, but it needed some attention from a professional. So, on Monday, Lilly and I went to get our haircut. She went first of course and she just climbed right up there in that chair, and sat on that box, like a big girl. She loved the cape, the chair and Mrs. Margie.

"Pretty once again", as my daddy's barber always used to say to him, as he got out of the barber chair. She loves Mrs. Margie now just as much as her mama does. Yes, my baby is growing up. I can't believe how much she has changed from this year to last. It's just amazing. I am amazed everyday at the gift that the Lord has blessed us with.I pray that you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season, so far. We are enjoying the spirit and hustle and bustle of the season. I am trying to remember the important things in life. It's not about getting it all done, but spending quality time with my family and friends. You never know when it's the last time. I follow a blog who lost her 20 month old, tragically on December 9th. I cried buckets reading her blog. What a shining example she is just by reading her posts! WOW! S0, don't sweat the small stuff. Love them, hold them, play with them, sit with them, whatever it is to show your children, mom, dad, sister, brother, and friend that they are the most important thing on Earth.

We leave for Maryland tomorrow afternoon. We are going to see Brian's family. They will all be there, so it will be a great visit with all of his sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmother, cousins and his mom and dad.

Have a JOYFUL week and will post about our trip when we return.

All my love,
Sara Whit

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