Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting Santa, Pre-school Play, Pop Pop & 1st Haircut

We took Lilly to meet Santa at Tunica National last Monday night. She was not the biggest fan. She did not want him out of her site, but she did not want to sit in his lap. She would wave to him and blow him kisses from afar, but that is all she wanted of him. I finally just threw in his lap so I could get a picture for the memory books.
Lilly and me at the golf course, dining with Mamie, Boo, Brian and many friends.
Lilly is posing in front of the Christmas tree that she loves so much!
And if you think that she is playing a fun game of "peek-a-boo" you are WRONG. I am very sad to say that our sweet little angel is POUTING. My 21 month old is MAD at her mama and is being a "pouty britches". She is such a drama queen. I don't know where she gets it....ha ha!

Lilly was in her first Christmas program at the church on Wednesday night. She and Rachel enjoyed dinner together before the big performance.
The Christmas program was a big event, so "sissy" had to come see. She and Brian are doing their usual, just hanging out, waiting on me to say we can move on. They are just not qutie as social as I am.
This face is what you saw during the play...until her daddy just fianlly went and got her off the stage. Oh well, maybe next year she will do better. She is, not quite 2, I will cut her some slack.
A happy Lilly and a happy Daddy after the play. They are both at home in their favorite chair having their nightly bonding time.
Can somebody say, "It's COLD!" Lilly is all ready to head out the door to go play with Anna Lauren and "V-V'.

We went to Tupelo and spent the day on Saturday with Pop Pop and Grandma Shirley. She does love her PopPop! She calls for him and gets so excited when she sees him. It is really such a precious site.

PopPop took her on the merry go round at the mall and she loved it. She wanted "more, more". When we got off, she kept pointing and saying, "horse, horse, more, horse". I think that I have a little cowgirl on my hands.

We have had such a busy week. Santa, the Christmas program and visiting PopPop, has given us so much to blog about. This week is much slower, as I wrap this week up with school and get ready to go to Maryland for part of the Holidays. I hope that you all are having a great holiday season.
Stay tuned, I am uploading pictures right now of Lilly's first haircut today!

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Technically--- this is her SECOND haircut ;).

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