Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flip this Living Room....

So, we had, yet another, snow day on Friday. I could not believe it and, as I type, I am listening to rain drops that are starting to pelt on my roof, so it looks like no school again tomorrow. Oh well, you just take it as it comes. Anyway, after a morning of playing with Lilly Whit on the snow day, Tom, Brian and I headed to Nashville to help my little sister with some major house projects that she has been wanting done for quite some time. After much coaxing from all of the girls, me, Myra and Laura, we finally got the boys to committ to two full days in Nashville to get all of her projects done.
She had one MAJOR project and the rest were really easy. Her living room is small, has no lights, and no shelving. It has made it totally impossible to decorate. So, we all decided that she needed a built in, with a space for her TV, shelves and cabinets. Of course, I volunteered my husband's services, since he is SOOOO great at this sort of thing. I don't have a picture of the total before, but just picture that wood structure below not being there and you will get the idea. Before this took place she had all oversized and mismatched furniture, terrible lamps and no art on the walls. Since Christmas she has sold all the old and she and I have been buying a piece at a time to furnish the new room. It's been so much fun. I have loved it!
Here are the boys, starting strong! It's about 10:00am now and they have just finished a breakfast made by Myra of hashbrown casserole, bacon, eggs and biscuits. They are ready to roll. My and I took off with a shopping list half a page long and a budget to cover half that much, but we were in hopes of some great deals! We went to TJ MAX HOME GOODS store first and thought that we would go to about 3 more places to find it all. Negative, we spent about $350 in about 20 minutes, no lie! It was crazy. We just looked at each other and I said, "What are we going to do all day? I don't want to go back there." So we decided on a movie...Country Strong...it was AMAZING! I loved it!! I will go again for sure.
We came home about 6:00pm and it was an exciting site. So much had gotten done. Friends started coming over and the guys started giving us jobs to do. Emily's got the spackling job, even way up high! Good Job, EM!! We ordered pizza and kept right on working!
Myra and Shelly used the electric sander to sand all of the shelves and cabinet doors. They created a dust bowl. They had fun, and the job got done, and at that point that was all that mattered. The boys quit for the day at 9:00 pm. BTW, I have never seen Brian Atwood work a minute past 8 in my life! So, Myra, you should feel very lucky!!
DAY 2 - starts at 8:00 am and ends at 5:30pm. Below are the two HARD WORKIN BROTHERS. I really don't think that they ever sat down, except to sleep in 48 hours. They did a great job and it looks FANTASTIC!

Don't ask me why, but the picture will not post to the blog vertical! Anyway, we moved the picture of my mom and dad's house to the corner by the door. We all have that picture, and each of us are always trying to find the perfect spot to put it.

Everything you see below has been purchased in the last 3 weeks. It has been a work in progress and we were so ready to put it all in its place!! I started to list all of our great finds and where they came from, but I guess that is up to my sister. It was said a time or two over the two days, "Wow, Myra! People are going to think you are rich!" So, if you are curious where to get any of these fabulous finds, just ask her! Drapes are being made, but they weren't ready at the time of departure to Nashville! And, yes, we were a little sad!

We purchased the mirror, bench and cushion, and it looks perfect in that spot. No, we did not purchase Tom. He was just too tired to move, and I know not to ask too much of him when he has been working 48 hours.
And WHAH LA!!! The finished product! Doesn't it look just AMAZING?! I think so. Of course, I think everything that my hubby does is pretty amazing! My part of the project was to decorate the shelves. So, it was literally 5:15 pm and the guys were rushing me out the door, and I was throwing stuff on them!

It was a very productive weekend in Nashville. Myra was ecstatic, the rest of us worn out, but felt good that we had accomplished something and helped our baby sister.
YAY for flip this living room!


The Rives said...

That looks awesome! I am so impressed at what all you guys did in two days. Great job! Hope you guys are doing well. Little Lilly is growing so fast and is just as cute as a button!!

Pamela said...

Loved seeing the work in progress. Great job Brian and Tom, it looks really nice!! You girls had too much fun and did great job too!!! Thought it was too funny that you spent so much money in such a short time.
Love you guys,