Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Doing Our Thing!

I absolutely love watching Lilly grow and develop from a baby to a little girl. Even though it's happening too fast, I don't want to miss one minute seeing it take place. I do wish that I could make time stand still, more often than not! Since Christmas, Lilly has been doing a lot of make believe play. She LOVES babies, and I am just ecstatic. I want her to play with baby dolls more than anything else. Right now, we are on the right track, and it looks like I am getting my wish. We started up the stairs, one night last week, to get ready for bed. Before we started the trek, she made sure that she had collected every baby, and we took them all with us. It took her, and me, at least 30 minutes to get this situation all worked out. She changed their sleeping arrangements at least 3 times. We, FINALLY, got them all covered up and tucked tightly into bed. Then it was her turn. She gave me a big hug, we said our prayers, and she laid down. When I was leaving I hear, "Mama, Mama!" I said, "What is it Lilly?" She said, "Babies 'tiss', babies 'tiss'" That meant she wanted me to give all of her babies a kiss good night! OH MY! Of course, I did it! JUST PRICELESS!
Last night she gets one of her babies and she starts heading up the stairs with it. She knows that she can't go up the stairs alone, so she starts pulling me up them. I kept saying, "Lilly, why do you want to go upstairs? We are all down here. Let's play with the baby down here." She said, "change baby". Brian and I just started laughing hysterically. This was the first we had heard of this. I told her to just change the baby down here. She went straight to the cabinet where we keep her diapers and wipes. She is just a MESS!
Lilly loves to dance, so Saturday night we met my mom, dad, aunt and uncle at The Catfish Warehouse in Tunica to eat some delicious Pride of the Pond Catfish and listen to the fabulous Turnrow Cowboys play. It was a SUPER FUN night.
Lilly had a great time by herself for a long time, but then she started sinking. She was really tired, but did not want to give in. She wanted to dance, but she wanted someone to be holding her and dancing or sitting down on the ground while she stood beside you and danced. We all did a little of both. Here is my aunt Mary Lou having her turn dancing with Lilly Whit. I just knew any minute she would put her head down and fall fast asleep....
NEGATIVE.....she found Samuel Allison and she go her second wind. They both love this band and are so cute together.
We even waved our hands in the air and did some twirling!
We rested with Mamie from time to time!
Thanks, Mamie and Boo for a great night out! We all needed it and it was so good to be with my Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Jerry!! We love you all!

Lilly has been with her PopPop and Grandma Shirley since Monday afternoon. Brian and I are meeting them in Oxford tomorrow (Wednesday) to get her. It has been a quiet two days. It will surely liven up tomorrow night, and if I were to bet, I am sure that we are going to have some "un-spoiling" to do!!!! That's what AWESOME grandparents are for, they tell me! How blessed our little girl is to have them!
Until next time, Love to all!
Sara Whitten

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