Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lilly and Kate Ross

So, our weekend continued as Lilly and I decided to drive about 30 minutes more down the rode to visit my dearest and oldest friend Mandy and her family. There is just nothing like walking into a friend's house that you have known forever and have not seen in a while. Oh, how it made my heart smile to see her doing her thing, in mama and wife mode, doing what we rode around and talked about doing for years. Yes, there is comfort in being with a dear friend who knows you from the inside and out. As Mandy said in her blog post about our visit...poor decisions and all!

I love my new town, my new church, my new life could not be better. But, you just can't describe the feeling you have when you are with someone that has seen you at your best and your worst and loves you anyway. No explaining has to go on. You don't have to preface everything you say with some background story about how you were raised, they just know and you just talk and they just "get it".

So, needless to say it was a great visit. Mandy has 3 children to my 1, so I have been waiting for a long time for our children to play together. You know, it really is a shame that the friends that we went through all the learning with and did all the dreaming with and made all the bad decisions with are usually not around to be a part of all those prayers being answered and dreams coming true. It was a precious sight, and as I watched the girls play together I was making plans for them both; to make so many fun memories together. I pray that the Lord keeps allowing their paths to cross.

Lilly, is like her mama, and loves to make new friends, so when she saw "little" people and toys she was all in. Kate Ross was so sweet to share all of her toys with her. They cooked away in the kitchen.....

They had a tea party............

They made funny faces, PRICELESS! I have to tell you that Mandy's dad was our headmaster and our basketball coach growing up. So, we had a lot of dealings with Mr. Beach growing up. A phrase that he said over and over was, "Bad company corrupts good morals." We heard it everyday and if you were at Mandy's house you saw it on her refrigerator.
Mandy has been telling me that Kate Ross will not cooperate with the camera and that she makes this funny face. You can tell that Mandy is just so hoping that she will grow out of this so fast and that once again KR will love the camera. I just had to turn my head and laugh when Kate Ross would make this was too funny. I told Mandy, "I can't believe that she does that. It really is funny, but I PRAY that Lilly does not catch on." Can I say that the next time the camera was in their face that THIS is what they both did! I just watched Lilly "follow the crowd" for the first time. I was laughing so hard. Mandy kept apologizing, and then about the same time we said, "Bad company corrupts good morals!" Oh how priceless this moment was for us all!

Miss Independent, Lilly Whit, has not let Brian or me brush her teeth in weeks. She pitches a fit and says, "I do it". I just end up giving in and let her have the toothbrush. She sucks the toothpaste off and that's about it. Anyway, I was amazed when she let Justin brush those toothies.

And Kate Ross is not the only one corrupting. She knew nothing about getting in your baby bed to jump on it like it's a trampoline. Lilly kept saying "up, up". I told Mandy that she wants in it to jump. Good ole laid back Mandy just rolled with it and within seconds we had "two little monkeys jumpin on the bed." So, we can call it even, Mandy!

They played in the bathtub together.....

they had so much fun playing on the riding toys and playing with Kate Ross's big brother, Hayes. He was so sweet to Lilly and she loved being with him too.

and they were sad to see each other go. We all were sad to leave, but left each other feeling revived and thankful that we had the time with each other. God is good, ALL THE TIME!

We are in Nashville this weekend helping baby sister, Myra, get some projects done on her house. Lilly Whit is with Mamie and Boo. I am sure having a LARGE time.

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The Murphree Family said...

LOVE this!! I didn't realize how much I have missed you until our visit! Can't wait for the next and neither can KR-one day last week she said, "I want Lilly come back play with me". I hope your Nashville trip was fun!