Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow 2011

It SNOWED....it is really crazy hysterical how us Mississippi folk act when it snows. First of all, our actions start long before there is actual snowfall. I think that it was about Thursday that the weather man said that he thought that snow MIGHT be in the forecast for Sunday or Monday. So, I start hounding Brian to watch the weather channel 24/7 and to give me his prediction on if we are going to get snow. He just thinks that we all are a bit nuts, becasue him being from Maryland, snow is not a big deal to him. I go to school and the fact that it MIGHT snow is all that everyone is talking, students and teachers.
The snow was predicted to start on Sunday afternoon, so about 3 o'clock on Sunday, I get my first texting that it's beginning where she lives, which is Oxford. I receive the next text about 15 minutes later from Brian, who is on the deer stand, saying that it's sleeting in Tunica. I just keep waiting and waiting for it to start at my house and "low and behold" it started coming down. It was such a BEAUTIFUL site and even more beautiful to know that I would have yet another day at home!
So, all my teacher friends and I were left to wait on the text or phone call saying that Desoto County Schools would be cancelled on Monday. We FINALLY got the call, so we all breathed easier and started planning our snow filled fun day!!
Lilly looking out the window on Sunday night, saying "snow, snow".
Monday morning Lilly woke up, stood up in my bed and said, "Mama, Mama, SNOW" (note: she was in my bed, but she woke up at 6a.m., so we put her in the bed with us hoping we would get in an extra hour) She immediately wanted to go outside. So, at 7:30a.m. we all bundled up and headed out the door! And this is what we saw....beautiful, just beautiful!
And here is my little snow bunny with her daddy, throwing snow balls. Brian claims to be an old pro at this snowball, sledding and all things related to snow stuff. He started throwing snowballs at me immediately!! Oh JOY...it was a cold and wet day, but SO MUCH FUN!

Brian just pushes her down in the snow, and I am pretty sure that right now, she is pointing her finger, saying "No Daddy, No!" She didn't much like being all "up in the snow" like that!
Brian got the 4-wheeler and he pulled all the neighborhood kids around on their sleds. When Lilly woke from her nap, she decided that she wanted to get on the sled, too. Martin, one of her most favorite kids ever, rode with her and she loved it!
Sam and Lilly on the sled, "WHOA, Daddy" You could here her saying that the entire time she was on the sled ride.

Lilly and Sam going a bit faster, she kept wanting more. Every time Brian would stop, she would say, "more, Daddy".

Anna Lauren came out to play when she woke up and Lilly was so excited, they both were. The second she saw her, she started tapping that seat saying "sit, wauren, sit". There they go, having so much fun!
Lilly giving Anna Lauren a hug, when she got on the sled! Too sweet, I tell ya!!
What a great day it was! We haven't had that much as a family in a long time and it was long overdue!! How blessed we are to have such fun friends and Sam who loves our children so much. She spent the whole day with them, playing and making sure that they had the FULL SNOW experience!
Back to school tomorrow and back to reality. I am ready to get back into the swing of things. A three day work week is just right!
Love to all,
The Atwood's

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