Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Busy, Fun, too Short Weekend!

Is it really Sunday night and our weekend is over? Oh, I am so very sad...they are just too short! Even though Brian was fishing at camp Lilly Whit and I managed to have a great time! Thanks to Sidney, who ended up staying the weekend with us, I had an extra hand with Lilly and we got some good visiting and laughing in as well. I love the fact that my house is a revolving door. I am so happy that teenagers feel comfortable just popping in to "play" with us. Sidney was a God-send to me this weekend. I had a bad week at school, I was VERY tired, and feeling very overwhelmed with the weekend facing me knowing Brian would be out of town....then came SID!!

On Friday night we went to Cracker Barrell to eat.....

On Saturday, Sidney, Sam, Lilly and I went to Tunica. We let Lilly play with Mamie and Boo and us girls went to the outlet mall. Of course the only person that got something was Lilly. When we got home, Lilly and Sidney went two houses down to a birthday party for a 17 year old!! Lilly dressed in her birthaday shirt for the occasion. She was getting some lovin from Sid's boyfriend, Parker! I went out with the girls on Saturday and Sidney and Betsy babysat. They both were not excited about putting Lilly too bed. She fights bedtime and the girls were not looking forward to looks like they did pretty good.

CONGRATULATIONS, Rachel Jenne, and WELCOME Charleigh Grace Jenne! My awesome teacher friend had a baby on Friday morning, so after school, we all made a b-line for the door and headed up to Baptist East to see the new miracle. She is PRECIOUS! Mama and baby are doing wonderful!

Here is our crew...Bramlett, Fowler, Atwood, Jenne, Bomar and Gullette! Where would I be without them. They have been the best group to EVER work with....LOVE THEM!
Happy Birthday, Charleigh Grace! Welcome to the world!
My girls celebrate Birthday Club once a month. We celebrate the birthday girl by going out to eat. This month was MY turn to be celebrated...we had a blast! Maybe too much of a blast...but I will not go there. Let's just say that it was obvious that these mamas needed a break! Tabitha, me and Robin having fun!
Nicole and Brianne being always!
The CREW minus Pagie...we missed her, but don't worry we sent her quite a few messages and pictures during the night, so we included her! Nicole, Robin, Sara Whit, Brianne, Tabitha, Kristen and Paige...such fun!
Sunday the pre-schoolers had a play date at the church. They called it a "Bouncing Good Time". They had all kinds of balls in the fellowship hall and they had free play and even some organized games. It was fun to watch them. Lilly took a break on one point and climbed up in Mrs. Mary Claire's lap!
Lilly and Jake playing
Mrs. Mary Claire, Mrs. Bobbie and RaRa showing how to play the game of passing the ball under the legs...too cute!
Look and those two...they are being shown what to do in the game and it looks like Lilly is really concentrating on the directions...the jury is out about my JakeJake!
bouncing away on the ball!
What a great weekend we is to a wonderful week. Praying that God is gracious to us in all things and resing in the promise that His grace is sufficient ever for me!


ambersmith said...

Um, I am going to ignore the fact that you said the best team to "EVER" work with a knife I say! And is that Parker Gaines? I use to work with his daddy at Farm Bureau...oh how he has grown!

Shannon Willcutt said...

Oh, how I love seeing pictures of that precious little girl of yours...with those big bows in her hair *Ü*