Sunday, April 10, 2011

A babtism, friends, cleaning and shopping!

Emma Kathryn Lucka was baptised last Sunday and I was so excited to be able to attend. I don't think that there is anything more moving and sweeter than to see parents, with their precious gift from God, stand in front of friends and family of the faith and vow to raise their baby in a Christian environment. Emma Kate did beautifully and as she was paraded throughout the church, I prayed that she would always feel that much love surrounding her each and every day. You are dearly loved, Emma Kate, and the Atwood's are praying for you everyday!

Sara Whit, Paige, a very tired Emma Kate, and Paige at the luncheon held after church.

We had a busy Saturday and once again, were surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Our great, good friends, Christy, Andy, Aspen and Zane came and spent Satruday night with us. We had a great time eating friend catfish and watching the kids play. They love dressing Lilly up in all of her dress up clothes. They put on quite a show for us and Lilly was a great participant. Lilly and Aspen
Lilly and Zane...she loved her some Zane...and how can you not. Look at that precious little thing. I see some prom dates in our future...if his daddy will let him go...HAHAHA...jk Andy!
Zane, Aspen and Lilly all dressed up before church.
We had tacos one night this week and tacos make a big mess...being her mother's child.....Lilly goes to get her broom to sweep it all up!

Lilly and Aubrey Claire all smiles before we get on our way to do some shopping at the Spring Market.
This is one of her favorite places to be, in her mama and daddy's bed, with her mama monkey and her baby monkey, watching SPROUT before bedtime!
One tired little girl!

Have a great week!


Busy Life As A Bunyard ♥ said...

I love Lilly Whit's Miss State shirt, tutu, and wings! I wish I could get away with wearing that! : )

Shannon Willcutt said...

Loving all your sweet pictures! So glad you got yourself a new camera *Ü*

Hope ya'll are doing good!!

Love you,