Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crawfish Alley 2011

It's a Tunica Tradition and we love to attend each year.....everyone seems to come out to enjoy the good ole Delta atmosphere, and I love to see old friends in such a fun setting....

Crawfish Alley happens to also be something that my brother, Tom, is very involved in. He is on the Crawfish Crew and they spend months planning and preparing the big event. This year they cooked 11,000 pounds of crawfish and every bit was eaten. This is a fundraisher for the small private school, Tunica Academy, of which is my Alma Mater....so each year we go find Uncle Tom in the alley...he is usually behind the bar...Uncle Tom and Lilly welcome you!

Lilly found her friend Emma and after they terrorized the alley a bit, we decided it was time to strap them in..they enjoyed it, I do believe!

The Rivergate Festival was also going on where they have arts and crafts, games for the kids and this year they had a petting zoo...Lilly Whitten LOVED it. It cost $2 to go inside with the animals and she wanted IN...she went in on two different days. She and her daddy held the bunny. When the owner asked Lilly what color bunny she wanted to hold (brown, white or black), Lilly said, "pink"! Oh...that child!

She and Boo found the "horseys" as Lilly calls them....these cost $5 to ride and we did it several times, as well....

This is on day two and she had already ridden a few times, so she thought that she was an "old pro". She demanded to get on the biggest "horsey" there and DID NOT want my help. She settled for the leader of the ponies, though, THANK GOODNESS!

Lilly was able to play with her sweet friend Hayle Fife at Crawfish Alley...Lilly just kept walking up and grabbing her hand....it was too sweet. Hayley is full of personality, as well, and she and Lilly got along, beautifully!

Crawfish Alley always bring My Sue home and we were all so very glad to see her. Lilly really enjoyed Aunt My this visit and was always wanting her to hold her. Myra picked her up on Thursday when she got into town and she and Lilly spent the night in Tunica. I had to work late....YUCK!

Payton and Gini Bramlett made the trip from Oxford to "party" with us on Saturday. Remember that Gini and Payton are from Georgia. Payton is in law school at Ole Miss and they are here ONLY for 3 years, until he finishes! WHATEVER...I say! I am determined to make them fall in love with Mississippi and stay forever...this weekend might have done it!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Brian and Payton "putting down" some crawfish...I am serious, they worked really hard at eating it ALL!

So, A LOT of my family was there this weekend....cousins, aunts, uncles, family friends, sisters, brothers, mamas and daddies....we were talking about the fact that Lilly has not missed a Crawfish Alley....she was only a little over 2 months old when she attended her first one...I decided to recap the last 3 years.....OH....each picture is with Uncle Tom, becasue at least one of the days, dresses really crazy and stuff and since this is "his" deal and all....it has kinda been tradition to "pose" with Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom and Lilly.....at almost 3 months old!

Uncle Tom and Lilly....13 months old.....notice Tom's handlbard mustache?!

Uncle Tom and Lilly THIS year....26 months old.....he actually BOUGHT this sleeveless denim shirt with Crawfish Alley embroidered above the pocket....it was GREAT!

It was a great weekend!! Here is too many more of them!

***on a side note***I would like to apologize for last weeks blog posting. I am very embarrassed. After going back to read it, (after it was posted) I noticed that I had mispelled several words! Can I please explain myself. I had the FLU and I posted that blog on the first day fever free in 48 hours, but still pretty sick. I just don't think that I was in my right mind! So, just wanted you to know, that I am a great speller, but not the best typer, at times!

Love you All,

Sara Whit

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Laura said...

OMG that facial hair stresses me out!!! So terrible. And for the record, the shirt had SLEEVES when he bought it (which still does not excuse the fact that he bought a denim shirt), and we convinced him to cut the sleeves off for maximum redneck effect. Love those last three pictures, we have to remember to get one every year!

Love you sister...
~Aunt La La