Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting 2011

We went on two Easter Egg Hunts this in Tunica at the church I grew up in and then the one at our church. It took a little coaxing, but Lily finally started picking up the eggs...she put them in her friend, Mary Sue's, basket at first, but then realized there was something in those eggs, so she started putting them in her basket.
Look at that cute little thing hunting those eggs!!Lilly: "Wook!"
Lilly: "WHOA!"

Lilly: "I got it!"

Working hard to get those eggs! Climbing the big magnolia tree with Uncle Tom!
Easter Egg Hunt #2.....the three amigos...Lilly, Jake and Lucy! They both love Jake so much!
Jake insisted on holding Lilly's basket for her....
Hunting eggs again and still much more interested in what was inside...she never got the concept that it was a "race", but that's okay! She wanted to eat what was in the egg RIGHT THEN!! We started making a game out of it and saying "Lilly, go find a pink egg and then a blue egg and a yellow egg...she liked that and would get so proud of herself when she got the color right!
It was a beautiful Saturday........

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