Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baseball and Birthday Parties!

Can we say..."PLAY BALL!" Both girls are ready with their babies....Lilly has hers and Sidney has hers :), shades and the perfect attire for the last baseball game of the year. Sidney called and asked if she could take Lilly to Parker's last baseball game...of course I knew that Lilly would have a great time and was so thankful to Sid to want to do this. This was her sweet man's last game, and I didn't understand why she wanted to chase a toddler around....but,all is well, they went and from the sound of things had a BLAST!
Lilly Whitten....all smiles watching MHS baseball with her backpack on....such a big girl!
Sidney and Parker, after the WIN! exciting! I just am crazy about these two...they are so fun, kind and generous to each other and others. I tell Sidney all the time that she is "wise beyond her years". My little girl is in love with Pak-ah and never wants Sidney to leave! We are blessed to have their friendship!
Lilly and Parker after the game.....she says, "Pak-ah hit dhe ball, Mama."

On Saturday morning Lilly Whitten and I headed to the big city, Memphis, for one of our favorite friends birthday parties. Ward turned 2, and we were so excited about celebrating with him. Lilly and Ward remind me so much of each other. They act the same, they EVEN whine the same's hysterical. Ashley and I just started looking at them both on Saturday and said..."work it out." I know that they are going grow up being good friends and I am looking forward to their days at MSU together!
Lilly playing at the park....she loved it! She kept saying, "Mama, LOOK, I DID IT!"

This wagon was brought by another child, Vincent, who attended the party, but these 3 wanted to ride in it. Vincent was so sweet to share. I think that at one point in time in got a little worried that they weren't going to get out! Ward, Aurie and Lilly....enjoying a ride!
These 2 were a harder sale to coax out of the wagon...they both, in the same voice, were whining, "no, I ride, my wagon!" it was not their wagon and they HAD to get out. So glad that Lilly has a twin, who is a boy!
CHILLAXIN' in the park swings....I wanted to get in it myself. The weather was beautiful and we are all so glad to be out in it...soaking up the sun!

We had a BUSY Sunday, as well, and I am excited about getting those pictures posted. Check back for Atwood is a hint....we went to STARKVILLE!

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