Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Paisley's Shower and Great Friends!

Me: "Lilly, what are you going to be in the wedding?"
Lilly: "Dhe flowah dirl"

She can answer the question, now whether or not she performs, the task remains to be seen!

Lilly and I loaded up Sunday morning and drove to Starkville for Paisley's wedding shower. It felt so good to be back with Norma, Paisley and so many other familiar, wonderful faces! All of those people remind me of such an amazing time in my life. A time when life was really GOOD and I was very content with most all of my circumstances. I learned so much during this time, under their wise counsel and it helps me out today in this "real world" I live in today, when it seems that nothing is easy. I am blessed and so very thankful for the people that the Lord sends me, if even for a SEASON!

Here is the beautiful bride with Lilly. WOW....I can't believe that she is old enough to get MARRIED!

Pais opening one of MANY gifts that she received on Sunday!

MoMo had a seat by the bride, so Lilly thought that she would "perch" in her lap for a while!

So, after the shower was over, Lilly saw the pool table with all of the balls. She was having a fit to get on the table and play with them. Janet Mullins, being the gracious homeowner and also grandmother of 3 boys, put her right on that table where she entertained herself for a quite some time. I had to PRY her off, so we could head home.

I made a call on Saturday afternoon to 2 of my dearest friends. They both live in Columbus and I long to see them, especially when there is a trip to Starkville in my future. I figured it would be a long shot for them to be able to meet me, BUT to my surprise they were willing and eager to do so. I was SO HAPPY....they just make me feel so special, loved and right at home. I don't see them often, but it's like we never missed a beat when we talk or a see each other.

Mandy is the beautiful blond on my left. I grew up in Tunica with her and we have been the best of friends for years and years. There is not much we have not done together or been through. We are both thankful that walls can't talk....or we would be in trouble....hahahaha! All I can say is that I could not be happier for my dear friend. The happiness that she has found with her life of a wife and mother of 3 is what I prayed for her, countless nights of prayers. The Lord is faithful and what a blessing it has been to watch her life unfold!

Shannon is the beautiful blond on my right! I met Shannon the day I moved into the 2nd floor of Rice Hall my Freshman year at MSU. I was SO EXCITED.....she lived right across the hall from me and we had both just pledged the same sorority. Our friendship was instant and during that 1st semester we did lots and went through lots together! She moved back home after Christmas and I was sad and mad....but nothing changed with our friendship. We can still pick up right where we left off. It seems that we have been friends for years and we really only spent about 4 months together......God is so good!

We all met at the union at MSU to have a light lunch and get a good visit in, before Lilly and I had to head to the shower. We walked into the union and we saw a very TALL MSU basketball player, John Riek. He was so nice to all of us and Lilly, of course, held her arms up for him to hold her. I don't think that she has ever been up so high! Riek is just a freshman, so we will be watching him for several more years!

Me and Lilly outside of the Union on the statue of Bully!
Getting all of these silly girls to cooperate for a picture was no small feat...this is as good as it gets. Kate Ross (Mandy's youngest), Macy and Lucy (Shannon's 2 girls) and Lilly Whit.
Lilly LOVES Kate Ross and was so excited to see her. She talked about her all the way home. It makes me so happy that Mandy has a little girl the same age as Lilly. I pray that they will have many opportunities to be together and who knows....ROOMMATES.....could be in their future!
Once again, another FABULOUS day....filled with love and laughter!

I am on the school countdown. My last day is May 27...it can't get here soon enough!

Love to all.

The Atwood's


The Murphree Family said...

Thanks for being such a great friend and for praying me through some pretty rotten times in my younger days! I can't wait to get to see y'all more this fall!! ;) Love you dearly!!
Oh, and what a good picture of you and Lilly!

Laura said...

OMG that picture of the girls with the basketball player is too much!! I bet Grandaddy Boo was excited to see that one....love it!