Friday, May 20, 2011

More of Visits from family!

Playing in the yard with Grammy!

"Chillaxin" with Aunt Shelly after breakfast!

Being a "cool dude" in Lilly's sunglasses....I love it! This pic is great!
Lilly loves riding the lawn mower with anyone that is on it. She rides with Brian and then when RaRa, our neighbor, is mowing their grass she rides with her too.
Riley had his turn riding the lawn mower, too. He liked it MUCH better than the 4wheeler!
The wagon was a hit. Aunt Jamie giving Riley and Lilly some love!
Aunt Shelly posing with the little ones in the wagon.
Lilly and her baby Stella with Riley, both with bed head!
Climbing in the den cabinet has always been a favorite activity of Riley and Lilly! They climb in there and demand the door to be closed!
Lilly assuming the role of "older cousin" (by 6 months) and pulling Riley.
TOOOO CUTE.........................................
Still more to come of our last days together! Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I love all the pics!! Thank you Aunt Jamie for capturing all these moments and thanks Aunt Whitty for posting! We miss you all!


Aunt KK and Riley :)