Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grammy, Aunts, and Cousins from Maryland!

We had our family that lives in Maryland and South Carolina come visit for the week: Brian's mama, 3 sisters and nephew. I know that Grammy was thrilled to have all of her children and grandchildren under one roof. That is such a rare event these days. Lilly and Riley had so much fun together. Lilly talks about Riley EVERYDAY. Family....we are BLESSED!

Aunt Shelly, Aunt KK (Kristy) and Riley...just a few minutes after they all arrived!
Grammy and Lilly, excited to see each other!
Aunt Jamie and Lilly, excited to be together!
Aunt KK and Lilly, being cool! What they do best!!
2 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" Lilly loves to do this and she recites the end part with me. This week, she had Riley join in with her. Sorry, Kristy, I hope that Riley has forgotten about "jumping on the bed."
Uncle Brian was so excited about taking Riley on the know a boy to do "boy things" with?!! It did not exactly go as planned! Look at that sad got better, I promise!
Friday night we ventured out to Tunica and had dinner at the Catfish Warehouse. It's a local favorite and on this night they had the Turnrow Cowboys playing. You have heard me talk about them before. Been listening to them since I was just a little girl. So happy that Lilly is having the opportunity to do it, too. I thought that this would be a fun outing for us. It is a pretty kid friendly restaurant, and that was a MUST with those wild two! LaLa met us there, while my brother was cheering the Grizzlies to a victory!
Riley and Lilly dancing, entertaining the crowd!
Grammy, Brian and Aunt Jamie, having a good time at the Warehouse!
Kristy and Shelly, the two younger sisters! Kristy lives in Maryland and Shelly lives in South Carolina. So, it was a sweet reunion!
Lilly has this thing when we are at the Wareshouse that she wants me to "SIT" on the edge of the dance floor. She will not have it any other way, sitting in a CHAIR is not an option....Brian says that I should not give in, but, I mean, it's better than her throwing a big fat fit and it does not hurt anything. She will dance for a little while and then come and plop in my lap for a bit. Aunt Jamie was here to capture the moment. She was there to capture all of these great shots, by the way!
Lilly walked up to the stage after a song and said, "I dance"! Mrs. Patti was so kind to get her and hold her during this song. Lilly loves Mrs. Patti. She points to her and says,
"She sings, Mama."
LOTS more pictures of our week visit to come! I just find it's easier to do a little at a time!

With lots of love,
The Atwoods

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Anonymous said...

That Riley is too cute! Glad yall had a fun visit! Hope to see yall soon.