Friday, June 10, 2011

Paisley and Matt's Wedding

This post is little belated, but my camera was "dead as a door nail" so I had to depend on my Monica and Laura to capture the weekend. I am so very thankful for the great pics that they they got of everyone!

So, the beautiful bride is Paisley Jackson. Her and her family were so special to me during my years at Mississippi State. Her mom, Norma, taught the Sunday School class that I attended and then I started babysitting Paisley and her brother, Lake. They became my home away from home and we stay in great touch today. Paisley married Matt Oakely, Memorial Day weekend and Lilly was the flower girl.

Although, much practicing was done, Lilly Whit did NOT walk down the aisle. She walked about 3 feet and turned around and went back to our friend who was directing the wedding. When asked after the ceremony by me, Uncle Tom, her daddy, Aunt LaLa, why she did not walk down the aisle she merely said, "I did not want too; I poured dhe flowahs out." There is NO mistaking that she is TWO. She was beautiful, though, and she cooperated with most everything else she was asked to do!


Our Sweet Flower Girl!

Me, Paisley, Monica, and Meme at the Rehearsal Dinner. It was held at Hotel Chester and was a wonderful evening!

Mama doing Lilly's hair. I can't believe how still she is being. "Doing hair" stresses me out. It stresses me to do my own hair and always the little girls that I have babysat. I just knew that I would have all boys!

Lilly showing off her pretty bracelet that Honey (Norma) and Paisley gave her for being the flower girl. She LOVED it and could not WAIT to wear it!

Lilly with Holly, the matron of honor, right before the ceremony started.

Lilly and Uncle Tom after the ceremony. Sending Matt and Paisley off to the reception with the ringing of cowbells.

Lilly giving Matt some "love" right before he marries our Paisley!

Paisley and Matt Oakley

Paisley and her daddy, David, dancing! I love this....too sweet!

Aunt LaLa and Lilly outside of the reception venue. The reception was held in a renovated horse barn. It was FABULOUS. The atmosphere was fun and inviting, decorations were amazing and the food was divine. I did not expect anything less from the Jackson's. It was a great party!

Lilly looking at the water...... one but the parents of the bride knew about this.....a fireworks show! It was a great break up in the party. We all gathered outside; Paisely and Matt were told to come to the front. They put them out from everyone and then fireworks started going off and they did for the next 30 minutes. Lilly was very serious about them and talked about them for the next few days after that. You would say, "Lilly, what about the fireworks?" She would respond with, "fireworks, in dhe sky, pow, boom". The jury is still out if she likes them or not! We will see in a few weeks....JULY 4th!

Here is to Mr. and Mrs. Matt Oakley.... we love you and wish you all the best! Thank for allowing us to be a part of your special weekend!

This was our first of 2 weddings for the summer that she is the flower girl. Our second wedding is this weekend, maybe things will be different and then maybe NOT!!!

Love to all,

The Atwood's

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